Needs A Lift

As of this writing. To wit:

(Chart Source)

And here is the latest example as to why when the financial crisis happened I made every effort to not only learn the “markets” but also to call bullsh#t where it was due. Again, to wit:

(Source: Jim Cramer giving his insight and advice for buying Lyft shares on CNBC™ via YouTube™)

You truly need to watch this clip, for that is where I pulled the above quotes from- all while remembering – this was when it was way up there.

As I have stated ad nauseam, he is the most dangerous person to anyone’s 401K. But he’s on TV so he must know what he’s talking about, right? But then again, what do I know.

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Addendum: I was sent the following soon after I posted the above via a colleague as to punctuate that it’s not like the aforementioned “expert” just happened to get caught on the wrong side in a “gee whizz” type scenario. So, once again, to wit:

(Source: Screen grab via interview)