You Want Answers?

I was questioned this morning on my thoughts for the rise in the “markets” since December. Here’s my response. To wit:

If you dare print any currency note, then try to buy an asset, you would be immediately arrested and thrown in jail for a little thing called counterfeiting. When a central bank does the same they are rewarded with both keeping said assets and publicly defended with accolades for doing so under the guise of “prudent monetary policy.

Me, circa 2010

“Now everyone had better hope it doesn’t fail: again. For if it does, the central banks (e.g., ECB, Federal Reserve et al.) have now publicly declared that it is they, via their now abrupt reversal of policies, which now controls the capital markets.

That’s all you need to know and anyone pretending it’s something different is a moron.”

Usually there’s a 24hr embargo on responses before one can re-use them, but I don’t agree to any unless I’m assured they will be used before hand in the first place. Other wise, why ask me? However, let’s say I’m pretty confident none will use it, so here it is.

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