Just Doing The Jobs American Adults Won’t Do

I don’t do “politics” as most others. As I stress ad nauseam, I only entertain the topic when it directly effects business, as in, once laws are passed or proposed its what we now have to contend with, again, as in regulations, taxes and more. i.e., noncompliance is not an option.

Do I need to remind you of something called the IRS?

As of late there’s been a lot about the topic of socialism and more. Worse, there’s actually been socialistic ideas and principles looking for sponsorship and actual votes currently within congress. Again, need I remind you of “The Green New Deal” and its fervent new face for support known as “AOC?”

Here’s the real issue: businesses of all stripes (especially mom & pop styled) have been getting hit with one new regulation after another for taxes, property regulations and other compliance styled edicts that have been crushing the once backbone of most American down-towns, inner cities and yes, even in the suburbs. (Just look in SF at the oldest fortune cookie business now basically counting the days to oblivion.)

Just when you think it can’t get any worse – it seems to do just that. To wit:

“Democrats Vote To Give Illegal Immigrants The Right To Vote”

Here’s another, again, to wit:

“Rep. Ayanna Pressley proposes lowering voting age to 16, claims maturity not an issue”

So here we are with members of congress pushing for illegals to vote which for everyone that is allowed (should it ever pass) could by dint nullify an American citizen’s cast vote – and – if there’s one more “illegal” than actual citizen voting, that election result will go to whatever the illegal voter wanted or was in favor of, whether its good, bad or indifferent.

So here’s why businesses need to understand what’s happening a little more clearly than trying to evade the subject in a just “keeping my head down because I’m busy running a business” mentality.

Don’t like the idea (or better yet can’t afford it) of raising the minimum wage to $15.00? Don’t worry, if what’s being proposed goes through $15 will look cheap. You better hope you don’t see “raise the wage to $25, now!” legislation for these “new voters” to vote on come even sooner.

Don’t like your current sales tax being used as a device to pay for everything making you noncompetitive with other regions or locales? (Hello Pennsylvania?) You’ll be thanking your lucky stars if that’s all you have to worry about and not some newfangled version of said “soda tax” to pay for anything they may now deem “owed.”

Let’s see – just what would a 16 year old think they are owed? Can you name any? Or, is there enough digital ink to list them all may be a better question?

Think about this all very carefully. Why?

Because the sound you just heard was a great-big-ole-bullseye being stapled onto your business checkbook. After all, who else do you think is going to be told to pick up the tab?

Remember, I’m not implying anything. The above is now the political facts of the day. I implied (as in warned) a while ago that stuff like this may be forthcoming if businesses kept giving all of it a blind eye.

But now its here, just like I implied when no one would listen.

Do you hear me now?

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr