Addendum To: 10 Years Ago Today…

It never fails, as soon as I make a statement about either this site or where my articles have either been, or the numbers I reference, I get an almost immediate “C’mon…” type of statement or questioning of my assertions.

I completely understand when it comes from people I don’t know, but when it comes from people I do know? It kind of gets a bit old, for it’s not like I haven’t made this case and proved or backed up my claims before. Or, in actuality done it: every – single – time.

So for those whom may be new to this site, or to my work, I offer up the following as evidence that I’m not just making crap up as so many others do.

I get it, there are far too many out there making claims that are absolutely horse crap. And because of it people like myself have to bare both the brunt, as well as the scrutiny. I get ticked off about it, but I can understand, as well as appreciate the reasoning.

Here are just three current screen shots of just three news sites that have carried one of my articles simultaneously and the verifiable traffic that is used and dictated as a standard across all of the media, using said source that is respected for its compiling of said data. To wit:


Again, using just the above three, which I have had (more than once) one of my articles appearing on each, simultaneously, you get above the “100’s of millions” audience metric. Again, this is the same metric used across the entire media landscape by everyone. Repeat, everyone.

I’ll also reiterate: this is stating only three, for there are, and have been, far more others carrying the same article at the same time. So the above figures go even higher, sometimes, much, much higher depending. But I digress.

In other words: if it’s a good enough metric and source that the largest media sites in the world use to reference their audience, this includes such outlets as your “papers of record” like the NYT™, WSJ™, FT™,WP™ and more – then that should be good enough for everyone else. If not, there’s nothing more I can say, nor need to, for the numbers speak clearly and plainly for themselves.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr