For Those Wanting To Know

I received a note that there were a great many inquiries about either what I mean, or what’s with the “picture” reference all the time when talking about charts.

It’s understandable, because there are many new readers arriving consistently. So for those who want a clarification this is why…

Years back when I was expressing my opinions of what I felt was heading directly into the heart of what is known as “Silicon Valley.” There was a very well known commentator across the financial/business shows that decided to openly mock both me, my premise, as well as where they read one of my articles. They did this via Twitter.

I didn’t know this was taking place until someone sent me the following screen shot. To wit:

Photo credit: Screenshot publicly viewed Twitter™ Feed.

As you can see by reading the twitter-twaddle above everyone seemed to be having a grand-ole-time at both my and Zero Hedge™ expense professing for anyone else reading as to infer how “smart” they were.

The “picture” comment I knew was the back handed slight from a holier-than-thou type opinion holder. That’s why I use it, because as it turns out everything in that article they were mocking has not only come true, but is unfolding with even more devastating consequences.

The other thing that seems to have happened is I no longer see as many “Silicon Valley” aficionados of this era paraded across the media as I did when this was all taking place. I wonder why?

More than likely just scheduling conflicts I’m sure.

Sure, let’s go with that one, shall we? 

So there you go.

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