Who’da Thunk It

There has been no one across the global financial/business media that has dared make the arguments that I have when it comes to Apple™.

There have been even fewer that have been published and on the record citing those views and explaining why. Again, across the global media.

So it’s in that spirt I offer the following, because the showing of the following “picture” as it’s called by Silicon Valley aficionados, was once considered pure idiocy. To wit:


And as I type this Apple is now worth less via its market cap – than Microsoft.

Again, here’s just some of my thoughts as reported by Market Watch™ way back in 2014. To wit:

From the afore referenced article, again, this was 2014. To wit:

The call of the day: And with the potential move to buy Beats, Apple could very well take the final step in its (d)evolution into Microsoft. That’s pretty much how Mark St. Cyr sees it. Of course, he’s not the only one piling on such a purchase. Music critic Bob Lefsetz calls Tim Cook a clueless operations guy. But St. Cyr takes it a step forward by comparing Apple to the lumbering software giant. In a “complete and utter cave-in to Wall Street,” Apple’s latest report wasn’t consumer-products based; rather, it was designed to play Wall Street’s game, he says.

“Dividends, debt, splits, and more,” he said. “I don’t think the iPhone has added as many new features at once as the new features released in Apple the stock.” That’s how Microsoft does it, said St. Cyr as he waxed on about the Apple you knew is no longer. “I hope I’m wrong, but the actions are beginning to not only speak for themselves – they’re screaming.”

Shawn Langlois/MarketWatch

And here we are. Imagine that. Who’d a thunk it?

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