A Question That Stunned The Global News

In October of last year I dared ask the following question, “Are Tim Cook’s Days As CEO Numbered?”

This question, along with my reasoning, caused quite a stir across many of the world’s largest media outlets such as The Drudge Report™ and more. Just the thought that there was anything negative to imply about Apple™ and its now dominant force of a CEO Tim Cook was seen as not only fool-hearted, but also “just plain nuts!”

My reasoning was simple: If anything happened to the only product that he has cultivated more than any other under his tutelage e.g., Apple-the-stock, his days as CEO would be severely at risk. For other than Apple-the-stock he was doing nothing more (my conjecture) than occupying a new set of digs aka “Apple Park” believing the HVAC system was still recirculating rarefied air, but I argued it had long since turned into exhaust fumes.

Apple, the company of product innovation and design excellence was gone. And the proof was in the product – or lack of – may be a better example.

Then, on Nov, 1 during the latest quarterly report Mr. Cook decided to mess with the only thing the “markets” were holding in him for value: Apple-the-stock.

The resulting backlash has been so fierce in knee-jerk response that it dwarfs the awkward moment Jobs put Bill Gates face up on the big screen during a conference announcing a partnership.

Below is a chart showing the damage so far, the issue for Mr. Cook is that this may only be a start to even further pain. To wit:


If the current technical levels that are easily discernible which even a novice chartist can see be reached? (I’ve” highlighted and notated them for those that aren’t), I will just ask the same question I did one year ago that no one ever thought possible. That question?

See the opening paragraph.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr