What Does It Say…

It’s been a crazy month, but “crazy is as crazy does” as the old saying goes. So it’s in that vein I would like you to look at the latest “picture” of Silicon Valley’s once “no brainer” stock valuations and try not to allow the nagging voice of “That’s just nuts!” to enter your mind. To wit:


If you’ve ever been told/sold that the “markets” are based on “fundamentals” all I’ll say is the following…

In what world of investing fundamentals does the most speculative, as well as under fire via regulatory agencies, share holders, __________(fill in the blank) appear to be the most stable via a monthly view, as the entire market is devolving into a panic where the most profitable and largest company ever seen in history now is in a Bear Market?

Right, not nuts – insane!

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr