Addendum To Today’s MYTR Broadcast

After today’s show as I was perusing the “markets” I noticed a technical pattern emerging that coincides with what may be taking place today and is something to keep an eye on for clues, especially when it comes to these “markets” currently in both price, timeframe, along with other forces such as tariffs, et cetera.

It doesn’t matter if you understand what is known as “technical analysis” or not, for I do. All you need to do is watch the current actions in the market and see if they play out close to what I’ve illustrated below. As I’ve said all week on my show, “Paying attention, especially when it comes to this week – is of paramount importance.”

So with that said here’s the S&P 500™ as of about noon, ET represented by 15 minute bar/candles. To wit:


As always, we shall see, but at least there’s something we can point to and watch for that may prove valuable for further insight.

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