Addendum to MYTR – Thursday

After I put up today’s episode, which is in many ways is an informative rant on my dealings yesterday with my current Apple™ products. I was asked more than once if the figures I was quoting were real such as “$12 Grand!? C’mon you’re exaggerating a bit there aren’t you?”

It’s fair to say in the heat of the moment during the recording I may have sounded like I was making stuff up, exaggerating, or something other, especially to those which don’t use Apple products, except for maybe the phone.

So for those who may not understand what I was saying or, like my colleagues which thought I was possibly “exaggerating,” here are two screen shots of what one needs to purchase if they want to ensure they have everything they need for the foreseeable future, because – if you don’t – you can not upgrade later. You’ll have to, once again, buy again. To wit:

Today’s latest, screenshot via the Apple Store®:

As expensive as that may seem, you can’t buy what you need without the screen, because they just seem to not want to do that any more. So if you want to go the route so many of us have done over the years (because we have multiple screen configurations already) here’s your only option and what you’ll pay for 2013’s model that has yet to be updated now going on 6 years, but at least I already have the screens right? Again, to wit:

Again: over $7K and it’s possible they redesign or jettison it all together tomorrow. (just look to the top example for clues)

No one knows because Apple no longer seems to care either. But you’re suppose to take solace in that you bought the latest and greatest (or insert your choice of superlative used at any Apple event or presentation) at almost 1/2 the price of the one that comes with a screen and a few other upgrades. You know, again, for a 2013 machine, non-upgradeable, and possibly obsolete at any moment for Seven grand!

I hope this helps illustrate the issue I was trying to convey, or at least, you can/may now understand my issue if you hadn’t quite understood previously.