The MYTR Pivot Point

Every endeavor reaches a point in time where decisions have to be made that will affect everything going forward. This is not only true for life, but is also the same for business. Far too many think life and business decisions are separate. Well, they are, but then again, they are not.

Now, before many of you go chomping at the bit trying to scream through your monitors that they are very different and I don’t know what I’m talking about, let me say this: Like I said: they are, then again, they are not.

What makes them the same is one crucial identifier and action that most try to dance around the edges of. That crucial identifier, and action, is known as : making a decision.

I’m not speaking to the subject of something akin to: “Do we eat in or out, tonight?” I’m talking about a real decision that involves both life and business such as: “Do I make the move and open a restaurant? Or, do I close my restaurant and move on?”

e.g., Decisions with consequences, very real consequences at that. But decisions that have to be made nonetheless where the results for success or failure, are an unknown, not to mention the real life consequences to ones life based on those unknowns.

This is what I’m speaking directly to, along with the resulting actions that come via that decision that changes everything. And I mean just that – everything.

But again, when a decision needs to be made and/or its time has come – you make it. Then, immediately begin making moves based on that decision. i.e., once you’ve decided – you’ve decided. So, now you move based on that decision, everything else goes into irrelevant status. Period.

There are times for contemplation, and there are times when contemplation feeds upon itself, causing even more contemplation, where the decision making death sentence of analysis-by-paralysis encompasses the entire decision making process, where the decision to do nothing becomes the default position. Sometimes unintentionally, sometimes very intentionally, as in allowing the argument for further contemplation to be an easily defended alibi for decision making avoidance based on fear.

It’s a never ending cycle that needs to be curtailed the moment one begins to identify that it may be entering the process. And it enters far too often, and far more quickly, than most want to acknowledge.

Too many complicate things, and an even greater number wonder why when it comes to those “big decisions,” they suddenly feel overwhelmed as if the weight of the world just fell on their shoulders.

Again, the reason why this happens in most cases is via the result of how one deals with even the simplest decisions and actions.

Think I’m off base? Here’s an easy example just using the first in the above. e.g., Should we dine in or out tonight?

Example: “Does that mean we can’t order take-out and eat in or, is that defeating the purpose? Do we need to eat in the restaurant to satisfy the eating out metric? Is it cheaper to eat there rather, than take out? Why should the menu for take out be any different from when I eat there, I mean, why can’t I get the made at table-side salad dressing made for my take out salad? I’m paying the same prices aren’t I?”

See what I mean? Or, better yet, sound like anyone you know? Maybe know very well, hmmm?

So what does all the above have to do with the title of this post. Hint: A lot.

For well over a year I have been announcing that the MYTR Broadcast was coming soon. But “soon” morphed into taking forever. And I, much like many of you, am tired of waiting. Therefore – we launch tomorrow on Labor Day: warts and all.

The bulk of the reasoning for the delay pertained to questions on varying legal issues that I was not comfortable in the answers I was getting. Remember: when you are conducting business – not a hobby parading as a business – there are certain issues that must be asked and answered that not only make sense, but are enforceable or, defendable, should the term “suit” (not referring to clothing) ever need come up.

I have finally reached that point where the bulk of the answers I needed to know – before I began – were at least answered to my satisfaction.

The only issue with reaching this final step is that the programming sat in the 60/40 ready to go camp. The reasoning was simple: we thought the last or final hurdle was farther away on the horizon than anticipated.

We were delightfully informed the other day, far more ahead of schedule than at first surmised, that our concerns were satisfied too our liking.

This issue of course proposed another dilemma, meaning: “Do we wait (i.e. launch) when we’re more ready?” i.e., more into the 75/25, 80/20, 90/10, ready/unready,  etc.? Or: “Screw it! Let’s go live, now, and use the holiday for the launch since it’s so close in proximity.”

Hint: “Screw it!” won.

But with that “screw it” winning comes a few other challenges than I needed to address in a way that makes sense both from a business perspective, but also to you.

So here’s those details:

The MYTR Broadcast is a paid subscriber only daily audio program or show. I believe it is unlike anything on the market today. As always you’ll be the final arbiter of that claim.

I named it a “broadcast” as opposed to a “podcast” because, it will resemble what most are familiar with when subscribing to a podcast of an over the airwaves broadcast, such as those of the talk radio variety found on terrestrial radio or satellite.(i.e., its segment breaks for local updates or commercials, et cetera)

Example: a three-hour radio program, in general, has approximately under two hours of actual content once you strip out the commercials and other attributes. But to do that show still requires three hours of on-air air time. That’s why when you subscribe to a radio podcast the “three-hour show” is only an hour forty there-about in the download. MYTR will follow this same formulation.

The program will go “live” at a fixed time daily, Monday thru Friday. The exact time is still in the fungible category. I’m looking at releasing it at Noon EST/ EDT whichever is appropriate. I may change that, but we shall see.

The show may only be one or, two-hour formatting to start and work my way to three. Again, it’ll be a work in progress in the beginning since I’m launching at the 60/40 ratio of being ready vs not.

“So what will be the price?” you’re now asking? Fair question, here’s the answer: $299.00 a year or, $39.00 per month. More details coming later.

But there’s a catch, and that “catch” is in your favor, as opposed, to what most would offer.

For the month of September – its free, as in absolutely free, with no “enter your credit card” first, or other sign up hoops to jump through.

I was going to offer it only to current subscribers and make you enter a password or other such thing – then – I just jettisoned the whole idea.

The reasoning was simple: Maybe you’ll want to ask others what they think, or maybe you’ll want someone else to hear it. Or, maybe you just don’t want the hassle of having to fill out one more “sign up” form because you’ve done it a million times and are sick of them.

That’s how I feel, so I assumed why wouldn’t you feel the same way.

Again: Been there far too many times myself and so, this is my best solution that makes sense on my end.

If you’re all ready a subscriber to the blog you’ll get an update when the show is available, just like you do now when a new post is sent. Or, you can just check back to the site and listen that way. Again, for the entire month of September.

All the episodes will remain available so if you don’t listen till, let’s say, Friday – you can revisit or go to whatever one or ones you want. Again – for the entire month of September.

So what happens after September? Easy: it goes into paid subscriber only status where you’ll then need to sign up to continue if you liked what you heard.

Again this is for the MYTR portion only, everything else stays the same, as of now.

You may notice some further site changes when it comes to the side bar or hearder area of the site, but the bulk of what needed to be done behind the scenes had already been done in anticipation, so that worked out well in our favor and helped create the impetus to decide to launch sooner, rather than, once again, later.

As always I’ll make any and all announcements here well in advance to keep you informed.

So, I know there are a lot of you right now thinking: “Does this mean the regular content of articles is about to end?” Well, that’s a yes and no question. But it would take me another 10,000 words to try to explain, so I’ll do some of that in the show, so be sure to listen in for more on that, (See what I did there. I know, but how could I not?)

To be clear: I was (once again) thinking about making another announcement and affixing (another) date in the future when the program was closer to being “ready for primetime” as the saying goes. But I was tired of announcing “coming soon” type releases. I’m ready enough therefore, much as in real life, you just have to take the jump when you’re only slightly better than ready. As always, I practice what I preach. So with that said…

Monday it is!

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr