Blast From The Past

I was asked the other day about my book. The question was, “I looked for your book on Amazon™ and couldn’t find it, as a matter of fact, I looked at a few places and it was nowhere to be found, do you actually have a book?”

The answer is: yes I do. But as this person was new to my content I could understand the confusion, for as long-time readers know, I pulled all my content (e.g., books, audio, video, etc.) from all outside sources (e.g., iTunes®, Libsyn™, Vimeo™ et al.) at the end of last year. The reasoning was simple as I explained back then: Why do I need my content hosted elsewhere and be chained to the business whims of others (let alone handing over 1/3plus of the sale price!) when I don’t have to? (currently my book is “out of print”)

As we look at the business landscape today (think InfoWars™ as just one, and the latest example) one can clearly see in retrospect how prescient I truly was. As I’ve said many times, “I fully understand when trying to explain what I see over the horizon that I first have to remember, where I’m standing, might be over the horizon to my audience.”

That isn’t trying to elevate myself in any way. (and long time readers understand this) Instead, what I’m trying to ensure is that when I’m trying to explain what possible turmoil or trends I may see, that it doesn’t get blown-off in some sort of “Sounds like fantasy land type talk.” It’s an easy trap to fall into, I know, I’ve done it far too many times in the past myself when I didn’t truly listen to others, when I should have been thinking the same. That’s the reason for it, nothing more.

(For those thinking I’m just trying to front-run the idea of not needing or being on social-media, here’s what I was saying and doing back in 2011)

If you think I’m just trying to blow-smoke, as the old saying goes, let me give a quick couple of examples where I was I way out in front of most, if not all, of the mainstream business/financial media as they pooh-pooh’d a few ideas in unison directly into the trash bin for historic wrong calls. e.g., The iPad® and Apps.

For those who don’t remember back in 2010 the iPad was being mocked relentlessly by most of the media. The name was being used for a joke and more. I said precisely the opposite. For comparison, back then the iPad was viewed in an even more negative light and received far less fanfare than the Pencil® is today. Think about that for a moment.

The iPad was also even being touted by many as the defining product that might possibly mark the end of Apple™ innovation. That alone should be all that needs too be said.

So, you may be saying, “Sure, lucky call.” And it would be a fair statement. But if you add in what I said about Apps back then, when the calls against it were even more forthcoming, as well as boisterous, than what they were portending for the iPad’s future? Then things begin to take shape in a far different light.

Here’s what I mean:

Remember when everyone (“everyone” meaning business/financial mainstream media along with most of Silicon Valley also) said that the idea of the App Store® on iTunes was going to be a waste? You know, back about 2010. The go-to criticism of the App Store and apps themselves back then was repeated ad nauseam, “No one is going to use, let alone buy apps as some sort of replacement for buying software programs.” The result? When was the last time you bought a CD (or any for that matter) based software program instead of an app?

To back up this call, I was one of the few that not only stated that apps were going to replace software programs as we know it, but also, was one of the very few (I believe it was just myself, Seth Godin, and Guy Kawasaki) to offer an app way back then that was explicitly dedicated to ones writings. That app was actively being downloaded until it was removed a few years ago because I had decided not to update it for the new operating system.

In other words: I already had an app in the app store – when most were saying apps would never take off.

Today, everyone’s offering an app, and I mean just that – everyone! That is, everyone except yours truly. Why? I don’t believe you need one anymore for most situations. But that’s for another article.

Podcast, audio book? Been there, done that, again, years ago. But now it’s time to once again change, and I am, as I’ll announce soon, so stay tuned. (I know, I know. and if I were you I’d snicker too, but there is real change coming and it’s close.)

So it was in this light that I went reviewing some of my older podcasts and thought it would be fun to put a few out over the coming weeks. So, with that said, here’s a blast from the past. I think it’s also note worthy on just how relevant the actual content is to today knowing and watching what’s been transpiring.

From my “Prose Series” in 2012

“Are You Building A Business That Can Stay In Business”

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