Take It As You Will

I’m going to make this one point, because if you were to rely purely on (and the vast majority does just this) the mainstream business/financial media complex you would think the ATT™ – Time Warner™ merger has no significant relevance. And since they seem either clueless about it, or don’t want to bring forth any negative vibes, I will. (To be fair Steve Case was on CNBC™ talking about just this, but that’s about it.)

Hint: The AOL™ – Time Warner merger signaled we were at the top of the previous bubble. i.e., It was all down hill from there, literally, and more akin to making a Black-Diamond ski trail look more like the Bunny Slopes. Let’s just say, since I’m in an analogy type of mood, many a novice suddenly found themselves on paths even the “experts” feared to tread.

Mega mergers of any type usually signal a top. The reason being is to keep the growth story going when there may be no longer any true growth, such as business revenues from expanding customer base. So, the only play left – is to buy it. But who buy’s whom is the key point. For size and scale matters when looking for clues, and this one does, in my opinion. As I have said before, repeatedly:

“You’ll know things are reaching a peak when the sclerotic, is once again, consuming the stunted.”

And here we are. What happens next, is anyone’s guess. After all…

It’s different this time, right?

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr