Website Changes Coming…

Hello all!

Please be aware we will be making changes to Mark’s website to both feature and allow for new content at the end of week continuing over the Holiday weekend. Everything should be in place by Tuesday if all goes as planned.

You may notice or experience some glitches during this upgrade and updating behind the scenes. If so please bear with us as we make these improvements. Clearing your browser’s cache on your devices or computers should alleviate most snags if you experience any at all. Or, just check back a little later-on during that day should you receive a “404” error type message.

We are getting ready setting place holders for the new “MYTR” subscriber only content. Mark’s regular blog posts will not be effected although the front page will appear different.

In further optimizing for mobile we may need to move some of the content around but it should still be intuitive to access.

Current subscribers or visitors to the site needn’t do anything as this will not limit or hinder any access to Mark’s blog posts. Email notifications, RSS feeds and such will be unaffected. There may be an erroneous email notification or two during the set up. If there is please just disregard as we work out any gremlins..

Thanks in advance for your patience.

V.V. -StreetCry Media