The Moment You Know, You Know, You Know

There comes those moments in life, where the truth of a situation, can no-longer be denied to yourself. e.g., It’s the moment you know, you know, you know.

Happens in personal life situations, business, politics, religious, everywhere. Sometimes it appears out-of-the-blue, in a flash of insight that suddenly throws everything you once held as “certain” into complete shambles. And it can not be undone, for as David Bowie genuinely inflected in one of his last great songs “Where Are We Now?” It’s the moment you know, you know, you know.

The reason why I bring this up is to make a point on something I had said prior that many in the so-called “smart-crowd” took offense to. What I’m referring to is my article last December, where I made reference to Facebook™ (FB) and their newest release at the time called “Messenger Kids” as social-media’s Joe Camel® moment. As always this was met with the usual derision of “just doesn’t get tech” type of knee-jerk responses. But, dare I say, “it’s different this time.” And it’s a difference, with a very big distinction. Case in point:

Now that you (as well as most of the politicians) are now fully coming to terms with exactly what FB and its ilk have been doing with all your data. Does it not now make the idea of selling (all conjecture on my part) all that new data brought forth by children across their platform all the more insidious? I don’t know about you, but I would think selling the data created by prepubescent children (actually age 6+ which from my view, is even worse) along with their viewing habits and profiles must have not entered into that equation, correct? After all, then why create an entire space just for them, ad free? Unless…

Here’s just a bit from my article for context where I made exactly these points. To wit:

“But just like “big tobacco” executives of the past, big social media exec’s like those employed by Zuck and Crew are more than willing to tell you, like this response to a question from Wired™:

“It’s important to remember that Messenger Kids does not have ads and we don’t use the data for advertising. This provision about sharing information with vendors from the privacy policy is for things like providing infrastructure to deliver messages.”

Well, if that’s the case – then why offer any service designed for 6 year olds in the first place? After all, when Buzz Feed News™ asked Messenger® head, David Marcus, if this was a cynical attempt to get kids hooked on social media, the response was:

“The goal is not to get kids onto Facebook,” he said. “There’s really no other reason for us to do this than to actually enable kids to communicate with their parents and vice versa, and kids to communicate with their friends within a safe zone that’s controlled by the parents.”

Call me skeptical, but the last time I heard something similar, it was CEO’s saying something to the effect that they believed “cigarettes were not addictive.” After all, I hear all Mark Zuckerberg wants to do is “connect people.”

I have a feeling the next “connection” coming towards everything social will be via settlements directly into government/lawyer coffers. After-all – when it comes to anything about “saving the children” the government loves a blustery, righteous indignation, feel-good campaign made possible via someone elses wallet. And social media has one, very large wallet to affix a bullseye on.”

And here we are. For if you don’t think politicians are thinking along that entire same line, you truly need to think back to the entire Joe Camel® incident and what happened to “Big Tobacco.” For there is one thing that “Big Social” has that “Big Tobacco” had until the politicians decided it was time they had their fair share of both. And that was their bottom-line via fines, (BIG! fines) regulations, and more.

The writing is all there, one only needs to read it. No FB account required.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr