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I was asked the other day for my perspective on the current Facebook™/social-media complex in general, and what I felt it all portended, both the short, as well as long-term. Here’s my reply:

To understand the severity for precisely where Facebook currently finds itself has precedent using the following real examples for comparing.

First: Does Facebook’s current PR (public relations) gambit align with the Tylenol® scandal of the 1980’s? Or, does it align with the “Big Tobacco” scandal that erupted during the late 1990’s?

The first (e.g., Tylenol) is now a text-book example of what a company should do when it finds itself in the middle of a crisis, where management, at all levels, are aligned with its customers values, as well as safety or trust in its product. The bottom-line per se, is considered second in relation to the first.

The latter (e.g., Tobacco) example is when management, at all levels, are aligned solely on preserving the bottom-line equation, and subjects its customers to the latter, or secondary position, to the first.

It would take mental gymnastics that would make a circus contortionist blush to enter Facebook’s current management responses, in any kind, to the first example. Yet, it’s as if they are reading, as well as using the exact playbook employed by “Big Tobacco” during the fiasco.

Management’s (e.g., FB) from the CEO on down has given one PR disaster statement after another, both in tone and delivery. Not to mention as well the current leaking of “whistleblower” type revelations contradicting almost every response.

Therefore the conclusion that’s easy to see morphing in the very near future is that, much like was handed down during the “Big Tobacco” era, i.e., Regulation, fines, and more. FB and the entirety of the social-media complex in general, is over as it was once known. Doesn’t mean they’re going away anytime soon, but just take a look at how smoking in general is perceived (and treated) today vs just a decade ago. Hence, lies the most obvious conclusion of possible outcomes.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr