Two Points

As has become the norm, the moment these “markets” begin hiccuping in any fashion other than upwards – my phone and email box begin ringing and pinging from inquiring colleagues. The same basic premise holds true for the exact opposite. i.e., If the “markets” are vaulting ever higher? When my phone isn’t ringing or email isn’t pinging – I know it’s them.

So, with that said, here’s the gist of the response that I gave. Basically, it’s short and unchanged. Hence, the “two points” headline. To wit:

Question: “So what’s your view on the “markets” currently? Any thoughts?”

My response: “Same as it was when you asked last time, nothings change. Just look at what I stated last time and pretend I’m stating it for the first time today.

If those areas I noted get breached as I outlined, everything I stated (or hypothesized) is on the table. The latest rise since I first made those points is basically what is known as “noise.” The main point was that, if I was wrong – the levels should have never been touched in the first place. Once that happened, all of what is currently taking place was/is to be expected, with a weighting now of let’s say 75/25, that breaching that key level, and following through, is far more probable. We now just have to wait and see what happens next. But if I’m correct in my argument, we should know before the month’s end.”

And that is basically it. Nothing I’ve stated prior has changed, nor my gut feeling on where or why the “markets” are behaving as they currently are.

For those who may be reading for the first time, here’s two “pictures” as they say in “The Valley” that pretty much sums it all up. I’ll post a link to the original article for those who may want to look back for more context. Again, to wit:

Original call:

What transpired…

What I was concerned about if further follow through resulted…


Here’s the latest link in that progression, it has back-links within each one, if one wants to go back through the progression

Other than that? As always…

We shall see.

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