If College Students Want Socialism? Give It To Them, Immediately, In Toto

Before we start, let’s clarify a few things first, shall we?

First: This is not a political rant about which side of the political aisle one is on, or straddles. This is my opinion, and is in response to what should be an obvious rebuttal to much that is coming from colleges everywhere. And how this newly crystallizing of attitude will affect businesses of all types in the coming future, more so than it is currently. i.e., Yes, it’s going to get worse, much worse, if business leaders don’t hit this thing head on. After all, this is the workforce of the future and business leaders are going to have to deal with this issue in one form or another in an ever greater manner as time marches forward. At least, that’s how I see it.

Business leaders of every stripe (especially those that are parents) from boardrooms to kitchen tables, are currently scared-to-death to even mention the current situation, let alone, try to address it. Arguments about economics, trade, business, capitalism, fair practices, and more get conflated in some Rube Goldberg inspired mental construct of discussion as to allow the idea that socialistic and communistic utopian arguments have merit. Hint: They don’t.

This utter lunacy has moved from the once “lunatic fringe” of business ideas, directly into the business politics of the day.

And it’s all our fault – not the kids. Period, full stop.

Business leaders, again, of all stripes, need to combat this head on, not shy away from it as most have. This also means parents that may run or own a business, of any size, need to take this topic on not only at the kitchen table level, but directly to the so-called “institutes of higher learning” that cash their checks and allow for their children to be indebted, into near servitude, for decades to come.

Let me be clear: The issue at hand is not these students – the issue is all of us that allow this indoctrination for gainful indebtedness into servitude via the college elites to not only remain, but grow larger with every passing graduation, demanding you (as well as your kids) pay, ever-the-more, for that “privilege.”

Remaining silent, or for some, paralyzed with the fear of being criticized and just hoping, wishing, praying that it will at some point stop and go away, is not an option. Need a clue? Hint: Have you talked to a college student lately?

So with that said, here’s what I believe should be the framework for rebuttal to every specious altercation now being put forth by college students everywhere, that are calling for some form of “justice” when it comes to employment, business, debt, wages, and more.

Again, to be clear: This is not about who is currently in office, or any other such feud. For if you allow the discussion to be about a politician, any politician? Then the argument is lost before it began. What has to be argued squarely and directly into any of these “ideals” now emanating from the “collective campus of socialistic thought” is this:

To every statement a rebuttal to the effect of, “OK, let’s say you’re right. So what that would now mean or entail would be this…” Then elaborate using honest examples of what that would now entail for them. To repeat: “for them.” Not some ephemeral construct, but rather, “for them.”

Don’t argue fallacious points. Most of you instinctively know the rational arguments that are factual. Stop remaining silent.

Use the facts you know are true and tell them. e.g., “That’s fine, but here’s what that means if you get it…” Then let them think it through.

Give the argument the only resource that can stand up to their questioning. i.e., Their own arrival to the conclusion via their own questioning – of themselves.

Below I’ll illustrate using one current argument heard across the media given by students. Then I’ll outline (or argue) nothing more than the actual facts pertaining to it, from a pure socialist/communist (S/C) utopian viewpoint of those results they’d have to conform to, as to fulfill their demands.

Here’s what I mean. To wit:

Student: “The government should forgive all our student debt! This is totally unfair!!”

Response: You’re right, you do know the government owns and allows for all your debt, right? So, I guess that’s a fair point. You do know, however, that it’s these very socialistic principles you espouse that allowed for you to be in debt, right? i.e., The government basically guarantees the colleges get paid no matter what, and upfront, after you sign on the dotted line. So it’s only fitting your ire should be at the colleges, not the tax payers.

In other words: Concerns for your wellbeing, as it pertained to student debt, was no longer their (the college) concern once you signed on the line. i.e., They immediately received the money you signed for. Now paying it back is your problem, not theirs. And the more they raised the price of tuition – the more the government paid them. Remember that point, it’s important. After all, it’s your signature that made it all possible.

So, with that said, here’s probably the best thing to do:

Stop allowing the colleges to get-off-scott-free and start demanding the government to nationalize them. Let’s work through a couple of ideas, shall we? All from your viewpoint of demands and see how it might be done…

What the government should do to fulfill your demands is immediately nationalize all the colleges. i.e., Take them over in their entirety. That’s the S/C way. Then: immediately make them all free to attend. Sounds great right? Fair enough, so let’s move on.

Next: what the government should do is forgive all prior student debt. All of it. But there would be a cost to that right? So how does one pay for it? Here’s a thought:

Since the colleges would now be wards-of-the-government, and all their financing would be guaranteed. What the government should do immediately after is impound all outstanding endowment funds. Harvard University has near $40 BILLION alone. You roll Princeton, Duke, Yale, et al. and you’re going to have quite the “kitty” to dole out all that debt abstention you call for.

And the best part? It wouldn’t cost the tax payers a dime, or at least, much less than one. And they’re (the colleges) the ones that benefited on, “Your back” correct? Only fair, right? I’ll bet they’re just dying to hear such a revelation coming from their students. Don’t you agree?

I also would not allow, for any of them, to try to stifle you on this point. After all, these colleges would no longer need that money since they would be supported by the government. So, one would have to imagine these colleges, with their students well-being foremost in their minds, in good faith, should be more than happy to turn over all those accounts to pay off all your debt. And if not, why not?

Then again, it wouldn’t matter what they thought or felt anyway. That’s what would be ordered, not asked, in a S/C utopia. You should bring that point up to your college administrators and see how they react. I’ll bet they’ll just jump at the chance to turn it all over.

Now when it comes to all this “free” we both now there’s some price that needs to be paid, even if it’s a paltry sum.

This could/would be solved by the government in a win/win, everyone benefits manner, as they say. Here’s probably what would, and probably should, happen next. You know – for the good of the many, working your demands out to their logical conclusions, that is.

All the students that had their debt forgiven should be required immediately, after graduation of course, to work in designated areas that the government deems “at risk” as to help stabilize, or pull-up some area out of poverty. Or, at least bring them services that they could not afford without the governments help.

Any and all medical students for example, of any discipline, whether it’s doctors, nurses, dentists, psychologists, and so forth, should be immediately transported after graduation ceremonies directly into government subsidized housing within the inner cities of our most troubled cities or areas. Think: Detroit, Baltimore, Appalachia, et cetera.

There they can work off their forgiven debt, at let’s say: one and one half years of service – to every year of forgiven debt.

Forget any dollar amounts, fair is fair, right? And besides, that’s a far better “deal” than what one could hope to pay off in what you call that “dirty capitalist type world.” Correct?

But it can’t just be about medial students per se. It would have to involve everybody. So, accountants, lawyers, artists, political studies, et cetera, again, everyone would be given a task (or job) to fulfill. And if there would be too many of, let’s use lawyers for this example? No problem! They would just need to fill whatever role the government deemed needed at that time. But the same “benefit” or time scale for debt forgiveness applies. After all, fair is fair, right?

In a S/C world they will still need street-sweepers, and ditch-diggers. So that would be more than fair, would it not? I mean, imagine paying off a law school debt via the work of a street-sweeper and pay scale? Wouldn’t that be great!

And as for all those professors and administrators telling you how bad all this capitalism is? Not to fear, because fair is fair: They’ll be there right along with you. Because if the government takes over the colleges, in toto? Then there would be no need to pay them those salaries that are incentivized via some form of capitalism infused reward system, correct? And the government could/should order them null and void. Just like your debt.

What should be done immediately, in unison, with all graduates would be to rotate 25% (you could use a lottery system to choose) of existing tenured professors and administrators to move directly into those government housing projects – right along with you, to be there to help answer any questions or give guidance should you need it during your tenure.

It’s the only way to make sure you continued to get the proper guidance after leaving school. I’ll garner those professors and administrators would love nothing more than to help guide you through that process, in those areas.

And that 25% should be on a rotating basis, as in every one and half years they rotate out for the next 25%, and so on, and so forth.. This way everybody gets a chance to live the life. Fair’s fair, right?

Again, don’t concern yourself with the need as to worry about making any money during all this. Everything needed would be supplied by the government. i.e., Housing, food, clothing, etc., etc. That goes for you, as well as the professors and administrators that would be joining you. You’d all be “in it together.” All for the common good. And just think about all the good you’ll be doing in a community like Baltimore, Ferguson, Detroit, Chicago, East L.A., Compton, and on, and on. Living right there, in the government supplied housing projects, making a difference. Sounds like Utopia, does it not?

I’ll also wager these inner city neighborhoods will do nothing but “clap their hands in excitement” with your arrival “to help.” I’m just sure of it. And don’t worry about violence in these neighborhoods, after all, most, if not all are declared “No gun” areas. But if you’re a medical student? Let’s just say “on the job training” is going to have a bit more resonance than it would to most others. But hey: Free education, free room and board, free meals, and free on the job training, and free of school debt? I mean, what’s not to like, right? Right?

I’ll bet your professors and administrators are just waiting for you to bring this up and begin demanding it. Why don’t you try it, and see how well your received? After all, it you think about your “cause” more deeply: You seem to be arguing at the wrong players. i.e., Your demands should be made directly to the colleges, professors and administrators. And they should be in complete solidarity with you, demanding in protests, right alongside you that the government need immediately to just: “Take them over, and now!” To begin this process in earnest.

Think about it: Might as well go directly to the source (i.e., the colleges themselves) and cut out the middle-man, right? You’re on campus, why go off? Complain, march, demand directly to the ones that can bring about all the change you want faster than anyone else. i.e., The colleges, professors and administrators themselves.

Surely they’ll be sympathetic to your view. Again, they’re the ones telling you about all this stuff to begin with, correct? Appears self-evident where your biggest bang-for-the-buck, as far as demonstrations or protests would reap its biggest reward, does it not?

And aren’t you just ready to “do the right thing” and get out from under that pile of debt, and go to work where you feel a difference can be made? And not some time in the future, but today, as in right now?

Oh yeah, and don’t worry about what the business climate for jobs would be after your “stint” is through. After all, the only people who you’ll have to go apply for a job after will be held more or less by people who never went to college, and just went directly into business for themselves.

And how much of an impediment can that be too you. Again, after-all, you’ll be the one holding the parchment from a university. All they’ll have is an education from the school-of-hard-knocks.

I’m sure that diploma will mean something to them when they’re interviewing people to come work for their companies. That is, as long as the rest of the country hasn’t adopted your college demands. For if they do? You can skip the part about “after your stint.” The reason for that is simple…

That stint will never end. That’s the Utopia your calling for. Better hope you don’t ever reach your goal, for it may not be everything you thought, or worse: Were taught.

Don’t take my word for it. Go back to your room (or dorm) and think about it for yourself. I’ll be here to answer anything further if you so desire. But first – go think about it on your own and draw your own conclusions of if you would like to live by the above standards,

The only thing you can’t do is makeup your own facts for dissension, for the socialist/communist model has its facts written in stone across the global landscape. And that’s not a figure of speech. For the words and stones of those who dissented has a name:

They’re called headstones.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr