Social Media’s Real News Problem: The Russian ‘Worm’ Has Turned

Channeling, Jan Brady of The Brady Bunch®, “It’s always about Russia, Russia, Russia!”

The so-dubbed “real news” mainstream media outlets, along with most (if not all) channels of social media have done nothing but pound the airwaves, print, digital, and near anything else that can relay a message to the masses of “Russian collusion” into our politics.

This ongoing campaign is rivaled only in scope, as well as consistency, than those used in actual war, when the bottom of planes would open and drop what is known as “dumb-bombs” indiscriminately on the masses below.

Most, if not all, of social media today (and the mainstream) have far more in common with dumb-bomb campaigns of old, than anything ever approaching the realm of intelligible. Or, said differently: They are the digital equivalent of dumb-bombing an entire populace – having near the same effect. i.e., Their mind is blown, but that “blown” means into a useless mass. Not something “enlightening” as those trying to argue its value.

However, what now seems apparent in all this comes, ironically, from the once infallible responses to all that questioned anything regarding social, e.g., “It’s different this time.” Hint: it sure is, for it would seem that “worm” has now turned, especially for those that consumed it in mass quantities.

If there’s one thing you can count on, it is this: Special Counsel/Prosecutors that are empowered under political auspices to hunt down improprieties are not going to stop till someone, anyone, is found guilty of something. Even if the so-called “crime” is only a “process matter” i.e., Someone may honestly have forgotten to answer something, but then inadvertently answers it later, regardless of how menial the revelation may be. History is full of such examples, which is why the adage, “If a Special Prosecutor is enacted – someone’s going to jail – even if it must be the janitor!” was born.

So why is the above important? Well it’s for this reason:

Regardless of where your views on the entire “Russia-gate” thing may lie, one thing is now clearly evident: It would appear the entire scale, scope, and direction it was all predicated on  – has all but fell apart. And the latest announcement all but proves this point.

An announcement that there has been, indeed, charges brought. It just turns out that (wait for it…) they’re all Russian. e.g., No Americans, which therefore renders the entire “collusion” narrative as it has been presented, as well as amplified – moot. That is, all except for one. i.e., Social media, and in particularly, Facebook™ (FB), although Alphabet™, aka Google™, via its YouTube™ subsidiary may also feel the sting. For the busy-body-bees aka politicians, are beginning to coalesce and swarm directly in all their direction.

Mark Zuckerberg has made it abundantly clear by many of his actions over the last few years, that he’s very interested in politics. Many are waging a presidential run is in the very near future. As enamored with politics as he may be, the one thing that may come back to bite him in far more ways than even he may expect (or, has data on, think about it) is his own, ever evolving responses, in regards to safeguarding users, of all stripes, on FB.

Let’s just say, if he was under oath when he has given many of his usual, “Oh gee, golly whiz…” type of responses? Let’s just say, it’s of my belief, there would be many, many lawyers, having a billing fueled, banner year. All on FB’s expense account.

FB executives, lawyers, along with Mark himself in their responses to manipulation of content and their control over it, have changed more times than a Kardashian update.( i.e., Remember when it was all, and only about conservatives being maligned? The numbers and variations are far too numerous to list, but I’ll just jog your memory:

In regards to the “conservative” outcries of censorship. Remember it was all, “Gee whiz, golly gee, we really want to get to the bottom of this, blah, blah, blah” that prompted a sit down between maligned publishers and Zuck & Crew?

Remember the responses that came forward that were along the lines of, “It’s all the algorithms fault! There are no humans involved that could/would censor.” Then, when it was manifestly found that this was an out-and-out falsehood,  it was “Oh golly, gee whiz, we’re sorry, that’s exactly what is taking place, we’re going to fix that, trust us.”

There have been more instances similar, if not identical, to that premise. (e.g., What the Steven Crowder lawsuit alleged.)

Need I remind anyone that after this aforementioned “sit down” took place, the calls for not only, not fixing, but rather, an even more heavy-handed (i.e., what many deemed directly toward the conservative viewpoint) for censoring seemed to be the response and result over these ensuing months, to a point where, if you dared even have a right arm, you might be booted off via FB adding more human censors! All in the name of “protecting users.”

Just so happens nearly all alternative views (i.e., any adult arguments) seemed to end up in the “extremist category.” This was to answer, or placate, the growing chorus of politicians. (most, if not all on the so-called “left” side of the spectrum)

This was an obvious ham-fisted response (at least as I interpreted it) to the growing anger being directed FB’s way. For if there’s one thing that always remains the same. it’s this:

If a politician (of any stripe) has a the ability to use a scape-goat and lay blame (any blame) of a defeat from their feet, to someone else’s? Hint: It’s going to happen. Regardless of whether its truthful, or even makes sense. And Zuck & Crew are finding themselves directly in the path of this growing goat trail.

Remember when the calls of Russia infiltrating and influencing via FB and others was met with very little regard by FB?

So seriously (as in, appearances) did Mark and the other CEO’s (i.e., of Alphabet, Twitter™ et al.) take the call to show themselves before the inquisition panels of Congress, he (along with the others) decided it might be best to not go, send the underlings. Hint: That was a very big mistake in my humble opinion. For there is probably only one thing on the Earth that may come into the same warning for caution as “Nothing rivals a woman’s scorn.” And that’s – “or a losing politicians.” And that “scorn” is beginning to metastasize.

If one listened to the indictment handed down by the Special Council of Friday, to the horror of many – there were people named, only, there were no “Americans” implicated.

Yet, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t an “American complex” that escaped without charge. No, what that press conference clearly conveyed (if one was listening) was the entity that did not escape rebuke was: “Social Media.”

In actuality, the blame for all of the current ills of politics is being laid directly at the feet of social, and in particular, FB.

Dear Zuck & Crew. Can you say, “Uh-Oh?”

I state that for one reason, and one reason only, and it is this:

Regardless of how one (e.g., Mark Zuckerberg et al.) now pleads that it was not, nor could have been “The Russians” paying for, and manipulating the election. Here’s what he (or social in general) may not be able to defend against. i.e., the calls of regulation coming from politicians.

You can hear the arguments being formulated already, if, you listen carefully. Here’s an example of what I mean…

Calls for the sake of “preserving our democracy” by immediately, actively, pursuing and enabling laws and regulations to protect: “the young – the vulnerable – the snow-flaked cadre of unsuspecting eyeballs that peruse social media and in-particular FB. Where the sole purpose appears to be nothing more than you (or your company) selling those susceptible – emotionally anguished eyeballs – to ad agencies, along with their personal data.

All which you’ve mined as a billable property or resource, for you (or your company) to exploit. All in the name of profit! All of it making you and your executives stinking rich, as the country suffers. All while you, your company, and your executives pursue your insatiable lust, for money – and power.”

All tongue-in-cheek, however, do you think it’s that far off? You can hear the rallying cries now. i.e., “Mr Zuckerberg! How many mansions do you need to sleep at, all paid for via the poor and trusting souls, whose data you sell, that visit your cathedral of ‘Fake news?!’ All in the name of profits!!!”

Can you envision how this might be played out in an election campaign coming soon to a voting both near you? If you don’t think so? Let me make this additional observation for you to weigh its possibility for yourself:

For those maybe not aware, FB has now, suddenly, detailed how it all (e.g., Russian meddling) took place – after-the-fact, as in: the “Russians” were actively spending all that accused collusion money – after – the election had already transpired. And, was targeted to undermine – Trump!

Can you say, “Holy Molly, Batman?” Gee, how convenient FB found that out, now, when the finger-pointing is suddenly all on social, is it not? i.e., “Gee golly whiz, it couldn’t have been anything we did, by golly, we looked and looked hard and guess what? It appears that narrative we let play on when it seemed to work for our purposes, well, by golly, gee whiz, no need to worry any longer about that! We found out it couldn’t have been anything we did, sooooo, nothing to see here, thanks!”

Whether true or not, sorry, too late. For the real news is this…

It will be the party social media favored and catered to (i.e., the left) that will now call for over burdensome government regulation to make sure what they deemed happened, whether true or not, never sees the “like” of day again. Ev-va!

Regardless of how many animatronic, focus grouped, pleads of denial Mark contends. After all, in the size and scope of what may be on the horizon?

Those very pleas might be deemed “censored for questionable content” in the coming future, because when it comes to propaganda…

Governments hate competition.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr