Do With It What You Will

I make the following observations only for those looking for possible insights as to how their businesses make be impacted now, or in the future.

Unlike others in the “business prognosticating field” that I deem as being more harmful than helpful (actually more like useless, but that’s just me) I share my view on the markets, because as I have stated far too many times to count: If you’re in business today, you must have – at a minimum – a cursory understanding of global markets and how they are interconnected. For in today’s world of instant communication and almost as instant trade concerns, unlike the sales pitch attributed to fun in Vegas, “What happens elsewhere, doesn’t stay there.” i.e., A commodity surge, or rout overseas can have near instant impact on ancillary goods or services overnight that your business may depend on. Hint: Think Global shipping for one.

So, it is with that in mind I also want to remind everyone, because I think it bears repeating, even though it is posted in multiple places on this site. To wit:

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that all opinions expressed are just that – opinions. And should not be construed, nor should one infer, that I am in any way, shape, manner, or form a financial adviser, or recommending what one should do with their investing, or any other monetary decisions.
For legal advice in these matters one should always research an accredited financial planner, accountant, or lawyer for actionable counsel.

Now, with that said, here’s what I’m looking at for those who want to know…

Below is a chart of the S&P 500™ as of about 10:00am EST. The reason why I’m making these updates far more frequent is only for the reason that if what I believe I’m contemplating via current price movements across the “markets” there is a very high possibility that the markets could be suddenly panicked. Again. And the ramifications of such should be kept front of mind for anyone in business. To wit:


My last observation came to fruition nearly minutes after I made them, which I marked with an arrow and text, Now we are at a point where if, and it is an if, we suddenly begin reversing over the remaining of the week and close in or below the box, then what I may be worried about has a higher probability of appearing than not. That “worry” is for a violent, sudden sell off.

Will it happen? Who knows. Could we rocket ever higher? Sure could. Should you be on the lookout for clues that it might, or might not? If you’re in business? There’s only one answer.

As always: We shall see.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr