A Follow Up FWIW Note

For those who have any doubt about my claims on both how adulterated these “markets” are, along with how important passing a meaningful tax reform bill is. I’ll let the following chart speak for itself. To wit:

(Chart Source)

The above is the S&P 500™ before the “market” open today via 15min intervals. I’ve made a few notations that should provoke some introspective reasoning on where we are, and how precarious we sit.

As always, don’t take my words for anything. Look at the above and come to your own, because those are truly the only ones that matter.

The only thing more troubling about what the above represents, is the shoulders it would seem this entire house-of-cards now rests upon. As I stated yesterday there were already 2 openly declared No votes for the bill in its current form. It would take only 1 more to send it into the waste can. There are now 6 openly opposed, but yet not openly stated as a No. The issue?

One of them is Sen. John McCain.

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