The Blog’s Milestone Marker 0f: 1,000 – 1,000,000

This is a post I never thought I’d write when I first began this blog in 2009. And yet – here we are. What the numbers in the title represent are the two milestones of: 1000 published posts, consisting of over 1,000,000 words. (actually, it’s closer to 1,250,000+)

There are some of you reading right now that will shrug and think, “So what.” And that’s perfectly fine.

However, to those that have not actually tried expressing their thoughts or opinions to be put into the public arena, especially by one who is not experienced, or considered having any of the traits needed to be a “writer?” And thinks it’s easy? All I’ll say is this: try writing a basic business book. That’s about 18,000 to 30,000 words on average. How long, and about how many do you think you can do if you start today? Most may give a reply, but in reality, most will never even try.

I say the above not to be braggadocios, or anything else of that sort. Why I say it is for two distinct reasons, and they are these:

  1. Most of the reasoning you give yourself as to “why” you can’t do X, Y, or Z, regardless of what that may be, more often than not, are nothing more than self-imposed excuses you use as a defensive mechanism to cover up the true reasoning as to not begin. i.e., You might fail, so why try. Or better yet, you will fail (insert excuse reasoning here) so why try.
  2. See above, and re-read.

Why this is important is for another reason: It doesn’t pertain to just “writing.” It’s directly relevant to just about anything.

If you doubt me on this fact, just insert your own “goal” that you often think about, but never seem to get around to pursuing in earnest in replacement of “writing.” e.g., Start a business, et cetera. It all fits into the same criteria for not starting that I referenced above. It’s not that you can’t, it’s probably more inline with: you won’t. (Insert self-imposed reasoning here.)

When I first began expressing my thoughts about business I did it for one reason, and one reason only, and it was this:

During both the initial, as well as the ensuing fallout that developed as what is now deemed the “Great Financial Crisis” I ascertained that nearly all (and I mean just that all!) of the so-called “experts” when it came to not only Wall Street, but finance, economics, business and more were clueless of what was happening, and what to maybe do about it.

I argued they were not only clueless, but were blowing smoke so thick as to try to cover that fact, I deemed it was not only disingenuous, but dangerous to those who may just follow based upon their former credentials. i.e., I was one of the few openly stating in 2009 that Jim Cramer of CNBC™ fame was one of the most dangerous elements to 401K holders portfolio bar none, and still feel the same today. I’ll explain and give an example as to why later.

Many expressed to me during the early days that this was “all going to be for not”, or “it would never go anywhere.” And those are the polite ones. But, I decided to keep on. And here we are 1000 posts later, consistently read around globe, appearing on some of the foremost media venues and more.

Again, for it needs to be repeated, “All from someone who has a hard time spelling cat without using spell checker.” Every single “writer” (and most people in general) I’ve ever talked to about my idea of writing in the early days had told me “You’re crazy”, “It won’t work”, “No one will ever read it”, _____________(fill in the blank.) And for a while that was true, but I didn’t listen, and as Seth Godin has said many times “I did the work even when no one was looking.”

As a matter of fact, I took that statement to heart and raised it too 11, as in: the more no one looked – the more I wrote. The exact opposite of everyone else.

Is it any wonder that so many blogs or sites or “writers” abandoned their sites after only a year or so? The web is littered with them. And not just by aspiring writers, but by many well-known, recognized names. Again – the web is littered with them. That’s why the 1000 – 1,000,000 milestone is quite the “brass-ring” achievement for me. Remember: I’m not supposed to be here – and yet – here I am.

I hear a lot about (and from) business people with books. I hear accolades (usually self-professed) to their writing “a book” that took them only 2 years to write, then a year to finalize and edit, then another 6 to 9 months to get into print, then another 3 months to get onto a shelf and so forth.

When the conversation inevitably turns toward me, and the question arrises to the tune of “How many books have you written?” I say, “Just one, and it was back in 2012 and was only a collection of 26 articles I had written prior.”

I can then feel the superiority for condescension beginning to fill their lungs in a “can’t wait to tell me X” type manner.

At one time it might have bothered me, but that was oh so long ago. Why? Fair point, and it is this:

To put the 1000 – 1,000,000 into context I use the following example. To wit:

I have written over the last 8 years the equivalent of 42 hardcover books (e.g. 1,250,000 / 30,000.) That’s the equivalent of publishing over 5 books consistently every year for 8 years. Again, all published, read, most around the globe, and many across some of the most visible media and news sites. Again, around or across the globe. Here’s what that looks like using the “a picture’s worth a thousand words” example. Again, to wit:

That stack of books represents the equivalent of those 1000 posts. Again, most business books (I used the hardcover biography of David Ogilvy out front as example for equivalent size comparisons.) fall into the 18,000 to 30,000 word category. There are those of the 50,000 variety but those tend to be of the academic versions rather than the general. (Hint: Think the difference between say a Jim Collins “Good To Great” and a Seth Godin “Icarus Deception” as examples.) The stack pictured represent using the 30K variety. e.g. 42 books.

That’s what’s contained on this blog. No exaggeration, no made up numbers, no spin, it’s all there in the archives. 1000 posts averaging 1250 words each. But here’s the best part. All published, and all read. Even if the first few were only by my mother. (Thanks Ma!)

Some may be snickering “It’s a million words too many!” and that’s perfectly fine. However, I can now say I’ve not only done it, but I’ve fared pretty well with the results of all the work, while surpassing all of my own once lofty expectations. And compared to most “writers?” I’ll stack it up against theirs any day of the week. Literally, and figuratively.

Another few points that needs to be stated and are germane: All of those posts contain pragmatic applications to be used in business  or personal life. There are very few (I think there are less than 5) repeats or reposts. And none are about what I had for dinner, or if I decided to bathe that day or not, like most others.

Where we go from here? All I know is this: It’s onward. That’s all I know.

Yet, with that said I feel I’m not going to lack for any material to parse over as to extrapolate the utter nonsense which emanates via the so-called “smart crowd.” And once again, it’s CNBC and in-particular (once again) its marquis player Jim Cramer that fits this example. To wit:

“Cramer: Rocket-Ship Stocks Look Better When They Return to Earth”

Premise? When it comes to the “FANG” family of stocks – By The F’n Dips. Don’t question why, your job is to Buy, Buy, BUY!

What has the above “genius” of stock investing, and insight netted CNBC over the same period that I’ve been writing and growing? Fair question. To wit:

“CNBC Viewership Drops To 22 Year Low”

For those counting – the above is about 1300 words. I guess we can start anew from here.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr