MYTR™ (Not N. Korea!) Is In Its Final Stages For Launch

I’ve wanted to do this post for quite a while, but needed to wait until a few further items fell into place as to where I felt comfortable with their implications. And they just have.

So with that I’m here to make two announcements, which I believe, are very out-of-the-usual when it comes to business in today’s interconnected world, and its so-called internet-of-things business models.

With that said – here they are…

First: MYTR™ i.e., the new initiative that I’ve been developing, is within 90 days of full launch. Maybe even sooner. (albeit “developing” has been more like starting, stopping, changing, tinkering, trashing, reinventing, jettisoning, rearranging, destroying, rebuilding, destroying again, etc., etc. But I digress.)

It will be unlike anything I have ever done, as well as unlike anything else on the web today, bar none. Both in content, delivery, as well as its direction and business model.

As I’ve instructed others over the years: “When 80% ready or so – launch. The remaining 20% can, or should be done on the fly.” We’ve come within spitting distance of the 80 mark, so that means we’re at least close enough to announce which by itself helps cement follow through. (The rest is basically legal tidying ups, but we all know how that can go.)

As it grows, we’ll add additional items to its inventory such as specialized, pragmatic business content, whether video or audio, and more. As always – more details to follow when applicable.

So, to be clear, it will be the “MYTR Broadcast” that will launch first. And the rest, as it develops, as we go along. I’ll roll out some further “sample” content I’m sure in the not-so-distant future. I believe, and it is my intention, to deliver a product in a manner and form unlike what is available on the web today. Again – bar none.

I know, that’s a pretty big claim. But at least you know what I’m striving towards. So “stay tuned” as they say.

Before I move onto the second point, or points. I need to state the following:

To Be Clear: I’m not speaking about MarkStCyr(.)com.

In other words: MarkStCyr(.)com will remain exactly the same as it is today, with free access to my articles or anything else I deem appropriate. Here is where I allow sharing for readers, and allow news sites, blogs, and other media sites to reprint, quote, or reference my material in matters they see fit. Again – that is not changing. MYTR will have its own website, as well as address. It’s a stand alone offering.

I wanted/needed to make sure the above was written, highlighted, with explicit wording, for today’s skim-over viewing habits as to leave no doubt.

“So, what does that all mean precisely?” you may be asking? Or, “Big deal, so what?” And those are fair questions. So here’s, as they say, “the money quote.” To wit:

All my other intellectual property, and by that I mean just that – all of it. Will no-longer be found anywhere else on the web except for my own-owned websites. And I mean just that. Anywhere. I am removing and closing all accounts or venues such as on-line retailers, et cetera.

Again – all of them. And for those looking for me to be a little more specific (as in thinking I might intentionally be trying to be a little coy): That includes the likes such as, iTunes™, Amazon™, Barnes and Noble™, Libsyn™ and more. And – that process has already begun whether it be in audio form, book form, video, etc., etc.

Once again (sorry to keep repeating, but I believe it’s that important): Anything, and I mean just that – anything, and everything – I make available for purchase or subscription will only be available exclusively on my own-owned web addresses.

This is anathema to anything believed, told, or sold when it comes to business in today’s world of the internet. Which is precisely why this is such a daring endeavor to embark on, as I am. But, just like late night television: “But wait…there’s more!”

There’ll also be: No social media links, no social sharing buttons, no Youtube™, no Vimeo™, no podcast, no __________(fill in the blank), no nothing, anywhere else. Period.

So the other pressing question, I imagine, you must be asking is, “Why?” Again, fair point, and it is this…

I believe there’s a coming revolution about to take place within the small business world. i.e., A resurgence unlike one seen in decades. And let’s be clear here, because far too many (even business people) think “small business” means small.

Small business (the backbone of America still, although tired and hurting under current circumstances and direst) begins at the solo-practitioner (i.e., a single person whether it be a self-employed janitor, or Dr.) to a company that employs around 500 with revenues in the $Millions. These make up about 95+ percent of all the businesses in the U.S.

That’s right, nearly all, but you wouldn’t know it when listening to the financial/business media. A damn disgrace on its own. But I digress.

I fervently believe fundamental business practices such as creating value that generates net profits to the bottom line will once again be paramount, as they should be. Things such as: Likes, hits, eyeballs-for-ads models, etc., etc., I believe are already in the death throes of business models. The only ones not aware are those still thriving on central banks largess. But that’s all about to change, and change soon, in my opinion.

And with that (again my opinion, but held with high conviction) will come the greatest opportunity small business has had in decades. Yes, even in this day of “Amazaurus-Rex” If – they’re brave enough to embrace it. But that’s what business is all about it, isn’t it? More details on that later.

I believe subscription models, along with word-of-mouth, peer-to-peer advertising/recommendation will be the model for the future. And what I’m speaking directly to is direct recommendation, not some form of “A.I. recommended” ad model.

I believe we’re going back to basics for the future-models of commerce. Only this time (as opposed to the late 90’s) with far better tools that are actually far more useful and user-friendly. (i.e., remember when it used to cost $10’s if not $100’s of thousands, and a crew of 19 year olds who couldn’t care less about your business goals, just to have a crappy web site with any form of e-commerce capability? Even one that worked 10% of the time!)

Yet, make no mistake. I also believe that future is now! Not tomorrow. Why? That’s another good question, and it’s for this reason…

I have been one of the very few both long ago, as well as consistently since, who has warned entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives that building a business based on the models offered upon, or heavily reliant of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and more – was a potential disaster waiting to happen.

That warning coming true is now self-evident. Just ask the businesses or sites that are suddenly (not counting those prior) finding themselves at the mercy of these platforms where overnight their revenue streams and more have not just been cut. But all their content suddenly “no longer available.” Even to themselves!

Not because they’ve done anything wrong, but because these platforms have deemed it so. Rightly, or wrongly. (Long time readers will remember my own encounter with YouTube and the utter frustration in dealing with a frivolous, baseless, DMCA takedown notice, which compelled me to jettison the platform altogether years ago.)

So it’s off into the wild-blue-yonder as they say, with only a compass. Whether my new endeavor is met with great rewards, or fails miserably – so be it. But that’s what “playing” on the horizons edge is all about, correct?

That’s why that other old maxim is still with us and relevant. And too many like to forget about it, and only complain when things get tough. e.g., “If it were easy – everybody would be doing it.” (and trust me, mine is not some 99¢ per year type model. Let’s just say it’s very similar in price to what a new iPhoneX® is suggested to cost. Again, more details later.)

Some people right now are thinking, “You are out of your mind freakin’ mind!” And that may be. But let me address that assertion with the following…

When it comes to the “written” word. Most (if not all) within the craft first looked upon someone like myself as a punctuation, grammatical abomination, against all that they hold sacred. (and some still do!) After all, I publicly admit I have a hard time spelling cat without a spell checker.

And don’t use an editor?! That alone infuriated many of my detractors. (I have a distinct feeling many of them were unemployed, unread, unpublished, former editors themselves, But that’s just a guess.)

The financial and academic crowd considered someone of my rank (e.g., a high school drop out) to be someone not worth the breath to even acknowledge existed, let alone, have to answer to any of my assertions. And yet, it has been more than hilarious at times (making up for some of the more than frustrating ones) to watch, listen, or read this very same ilk either refer to, or directly answer some of my direct assertions (even better when I’ve heard my headline used!) on television, radio, as well as print. And yes, on some of the major networks or outlets.

My first book (which itself was deemed a punctuation, grammatical offense to all that is “holy” in the business of books) went global and was continually being downloaded in more than 40 countries within days of its launch. And that’s all before it went live on any commercial sites such as Amazon and others.

On an aside, (because I believe it needs mentioning) as I said in that book: I left it with all its flaws within to show, if successful, the argument that most use as “not ready” or fail to “ship” as Seth Godin says, would now be shown de facto most, if not all, of their protests for not moving forward, faster were probably based on invalid reasoning.

I proved that point, again, using myself, not someone else as the example, as so many of today’s “business gurus” do. (I guess one could chalk this latest into that category also.)

I have made news stories across the globe. Been quoted on all media such as television, print, web, and more. And, by the largest media and reputable sources or sites, again, around the globe.

I’ve been quoted and featured in some of the most groundbreaking financial stories of the past decade. I’ve also been quoted, while appearing, in the same news stories featuring the likes of Warren Buffett, and others. Had my articles published routinely appearing to an audience of 10’s (yes, that’s tens) of millions monthly – for years. Had my articles run along side some of the biggest names in finance, sales, business, and more.

And that’s just off the top of my head. All without any social media accounts which you are told/sold – you must have to do even 1/10th of what I’ve alleged. (Again, on an aside: I’ve documented and publicly backed up all these assertions over the years as long time readers know.)

Oh yeah, and to those who say you can’t remove yourself from all those platforms. After all, “You’ll need to offer such things as an app and such, because without an app – “You’ll be seen as not getting it. And not having a book available on Amazon? What are you nuts?!” My answer?

“Been there, done that.”

Just one example, such as, when it comes to an app. I was one of the very first to have one way back in 2010. A time, by the way (which I argued and called correctly) that “apps” were seen as a joke and openly mocked across the business/financial landscape stating they would fall by the wayside, much sooner than later.

My app (which by the way still runs flawlessly – although no longer supported – on my devices to this day) was actively being downloaded for years till it was removed from the store a few years back when we no longer offered support or upgrades. An amazing feat when it’s been reported and documented that nearly all apps (and has been this way for a while) never, repeat, never get downloaded once.

So when I’ve argued or said “I believe most don’t need one.” It’s not as if I haven’t thought it through.

What I’ll also add too that is, “Actually, it maybe the very last thing you need to do in today’s business world.”

But you won’t hear things like that anywhere else coupled with the reasoning behind and pragmatic applications of it. Which is precisely my point. (If you just heard a loud “thud” it’s probably a social media “guru” or app designer reading this elsewhere in close proximity. Just have a brown-bag, and glass of water at the ready – just in case, I believe they’re going to need it.)

So with that for a backdrop. Yes – I’m ready to see where this all goes next, I hope you’ll feel the same. And if anything?

It’s going to be a wild, and interesting ride. That’s for sure.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr