A Follow up On The Scaramucci Appointment

I was asked by a colleague the other day if I still held firm to my thesis when it comes to Mr. Scaramucci, along with the Fed. which I laid out on Sunday in light of what was reported on Tuesday via The Wall Street Journal™ that Mr. Trump, “likes” Ms. Yellen and, “thinks she’s done a good job”, has “a lot of respect for her”, and would consider reappointing her saying, “She is in the running, absolutely.”

My answer was yes, and here’s why…

Although the optics of the above statements seem to not coincide with my original thesis at first blush. If we look at it a little deeper, or differently, there may be more too this than what a casual observation may not catch. One of those is this…

Is it not funny how coincidentally Mr. Trump just so happens to be parading around with Mr. Cohn in front of the press as the Federal Reserve convenes its latest meeting? And how about his answers? Sure he lavished praise on Ms. Yellen at this moment, but if you think that can’t change faster than a New York Minute? See U.S. Atty. General Jeff Sessions current presidential endorsement for clues.

What was also quoted is the following which directly followed all the above praising. To wit:

” I’d like to see rates stay low. She’s historically been a low-interest-rate person.”

And it is those two sentences which are the money quotes (in my opinion) to the entire article. For what Ms. Yellen, along with the entire Fed. apparatus is now embarking on, is anathema to what the president would like to see. And, one could easily assert – expects to continue.

Problem is – It ain’t.

I would suggest that the walking of Mr. Cohn in-front of the press during a Fed. meeting, all while having the niceties for the current Chair at the ready, while also having by his side an immediate (as implied) replacement should he desire – was a shot across the bow, if you will, to the Fed. that he is ready to make changes, and, immediately if he deems it. For he has “others” he’s also currently looking over for a potential Fed. position.

He made sure that was also known. Of course one could say “But of course there are others!” However, if one wants to be cynical or extrapolate deeper – maybe it’s not just to replace the Chair in isolation. There are other vacancies at the Fed.

What I infer about what “others”  possibly could also be to my ears? He may be openly implying: he’s not only actively thinking about it, rather, he’s also thinking about precisely who, and he’s doing that – right now. i.e., Skullduggery 101 – veiled threats for others to take note of. Because words and optics in the political power world matter. There is no “coincidence.”

I could be totally off base, and of course, this is all conjecture on my part (as was my original article.) But there are times the only way to see over the horizon – is to step forward onto the horizon yourself and see if things change so much as to give one pause. To my eye – they have not.

Doesn’t mean I’m right, just means there are things at play, and maybe falling into place, that signal one should continue to pay very close attention for any further developing clues. Because just when you think it’s smooth sailing and not a cloud in the sky. Suddenly…

You’re in the storm of your life fighting for survival.

Just ask Mr. Sessions.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr