MYTR Update

After what has seemed to be an eternity (actually now going on over a year) I finally received answers to some very specific questions I needed answered, to my satisfaction, before I went any further. And with it, hit the “proceed” button for it to move forward in earnest.

In retrospect I’m very glad I put the brakes on, because there were a few details, although small, which had the potential to be very big issues down the road had they not been handled properly, today. An example would be the difference in setting a course that’s off by 1° degree. It’s fine if you’re only going across town, but cross-country? Never-mind not ending up where you thought, you could end up in another country all together.

Although it puts my scheduling a bit more into arrears, at least it now is able to move forward. So with that we went ahead and registered the following domains: MYTRbroadcast dot com, and dot net.

I know to many it’s about the equivalent of the old skit from the movie “The Jerk” with Steve Martin. But it was an important step on my end, for it means actual progression towards completion is, once again, on in earnest.

On a side note, if you looked at the above reference and didn’t get the implied joke? i.e., You’re not as old as Methuselah as the kids call me. It’s worth watching. If you are one of those “kids” who don’t “get” what a phone book is, or was? Just replace the phonebook and think instead of a newly created Facebook™ page.

Same thing.