Imagine That – Who’da Thunk It?

Remember when the only thing being serving up was the latest “red-hot IPO” and was all the craze? You know, when it was all “so worth it” because “It’s different this time?” All I’ll say is, “Well, welcome too it.” To wit:

(Chart Source)

As one can clearly see – It is indeed different this time. That is, for those still believing. As of this writing another of the stalwarts of the “You can do it!” unicorn IPO’s to save the world, Snap™ aka Snapchat™ has now joined Blue Apron™ and served up a closing price below that “so worth it” debut. Or said differently – everyone’s now in the same boat, as in – losing money.

Yet, if you would like a little more detail for how things go when suddenly what never mattered before like “profits” or “prudent use of precious resources such as investor dollars.” Look no further than – Da, Da, Da, Daaaaa……Tesla™, and again, to wit:

(Chart Source)

And then of course there’s none other than that other “high-flying big-spender”, as in one with the ability and gusto to spend money on projects that are just sure to bring in Billions, upon Billions of users and their wallets. e.g., Mark Zuckerberg.

Remember Oculus Rift™? You know, where spending $3 BILLION was just “the right thing to do” given as a reason by Silicon Valley aficionados everywhere, as long as it wasn’t their money? Well, here’s something from Reuters™ to shed a little light onto that subject – no head set required. To wit:

“Oculus, the virtual reality company owned by Facebook Inc, is temporarily cutting the price of its hardware, as the industry tries to figure out why the technology for immersive games and stories has not taken off among consumers.”

Sure does seem to be getting a lot more different’er by the day, no? Funny how that happens when there’s no more “play money” being printed out of thin air and made available from the Fed., yes?

And last but not least, (since this is based in a bit of a rant vibe, and I’m in a mood.) The other day I was speaking with a group when I was questioned (more like an insinuation in the form of a rhetorical question) about the authenticity behind my “Remember When…” post. The tone (and what I deemed more like snark) revolved around, “I noticed the date of your example was 2015, that’s a long time ago for an example, nothing since?” Let’s just say 20 years ago I would have handled the situation a little bit differently.

I decided it was better for everyone involved for me to keep my composure as I rattled off a few other examples far more recent, and far larger. (like the biggest story to hit the media in decades.) But when I returned home I thought there must be others (and I know you’re far more well-mannered, and much better looking) whom may also be inquisitive since it was a 2015 reference. And it’s a fair point.

So In that light I thought what better example to use than one everyone knows, not just those within the financial/business spectrum as to demonstrate something I have been stating for years, e.g., “You never know just where my writings will appear.” And, for those who may not know – is one of the main resources used and referenced by all of media, globally. To wit:

But what do I know.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr