Being Ahead Of The Curve

Many times being ahead of the curve, or too far out over the horizon, at first gives the illusion that one has incorrectly judged the coming storm warnings. It happens to all of us that have the audacity to dare express contradicting arguments to whatever the daily general meme of the day is. It would seem I am currently experiencing one of those moments.

This came to light today when the news of the day hit with the disgraceful stunt launched by Kathy Griffin. As repulsive as the act is, what hit me was totally by surprise and showed just how striking a moment in history this may be.

I have to admit, as I wrote back in December I thought the “Political Celebrity Jump The Shark Moment” took place then, with the release of the now maligned political call to action video for the electoral college to not cast votes for Mr. Trump. Here’s a bit of what I said. To wit:

“Celebrities have always been used (and I mean just that – used) as to help sway public opinion one way or another. Or, to seemingly give some stamp-of-approval to one candidate over another. It’s been going on forever, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

However, with that said I do believe the most recent incarnation of the “political celebrity” may indeed be going way of the Dodo bird. Case in point: Martin Sheen and his leading of the gaggle to influence electors of the electoral college to stand up – and cast their vote for someone else.

In what was supposedly some form of call-to-action video Martin Sheen (did you notice the purple shirt?) and others called for electors to change their votes away from their sworn obligated duties and cast them for someone else. They wouldn’t openly state their desired choice (cough-Hillary-cough) however the intent was clear.”

Now to be clear, I’m not saying I was for, or against, any candidate, that’s not the point I was, or still arguing. The point is/was that I believed that stunt back in Dec. was a moment to be marked in history as a “jump the shark” moment. It appears I was wrong, and there is definitive proof that I feel compelled to share, even if it alters my original call. And it is this…

Back in the late 60’s Walter Cronkite openly called for the ending of the Vietnam War. To this call then president Lyndon B. Johnson is claimed to have said, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost middle America.”

In regards to this (not belittling the above) there was a reaction that may have just as much of a “punctuation mark” on this whole Political Celebrity nonsense. And the correlation comes from non-other than an advertiser.

It has been reported (as far as I’ve heard) that the first sponsorship that has publicly pulled their product featuring ads by Ms. Griffin is none other that Squatty Potty®.

Other headlines across the media are all along the line of, “Deal in the toilet” “Ad’s in the crapper” and so forth. Actually, the headlines are delivering more humor and originality than Ms. Griffin has in years. But that’s my opinion, yours may differ.

So, much like Johnson’s evaluation of Cronkite’s remarks I am marking Ms. Griffin’s moment. After all…

If you’ve lost Squatty Potty? What’s left that won’t follow? Especially if you’re on one.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr