MYTR Update And A Bit More

In late January I announced that I was getting ready to launch what I deemed a “new and truly different” offering under the MYTR banner. Since that time I have been met with obstacle, after obstacle, after obstacle and I just wanted to share with you an update.

Be forewarned: This “update” is wrapped in a rant, so don’t say I didn’t warn you…

One of the most infuriating things I have run into that just makes my blood boil, is the sheer unresponsiveness, carelessness, nonexistent customer service, apathy, and so much more across the business landscape – there’s not enough digital ink to list them all.

Yet, in my opinion, there is no other violator of a customers’ time, and money – than those of the “web service” sector. You know, the one’s that are going to make things “easy” or, “take the hassle away” for you, so you can go about the important issues like “growing your business.” All for a fee. Usually a very hefty fee once you add all the “upgrades” you’ll need (as to be actually useful) over and above the “advertised” core product.

When it comes to services provided for “free?” It’s even worse, sometimes much worse, as an example: Try getting any response if you think you’ve been harmed via a fraudulent or frivolous DMCA take down notice via Google™, YouTube™, Facebook™, or others. All I’ll say is good luck with that. I’ve been through the process and after changing from “watching the paint dry”, to “watching the grass grow”, I finally threw in the towel and decided rather than wait, I would just no longer use any of these types of services. And still don’t.

This is the reason why I only have “sharing buttons” when it comes to social media. They’re for others to use as they see fit. Personally – I don’t use any of them, and could care less about them as long time readers know.

However, with that said, what I’ve found ever more frustrating are these services – which you pay  for – are increasingly displaying the same type of characteristics. i.e., You’ll only hear from them if your “check bounces”, other than that, good luck trying to reach a human.

Examples of this can be anything from hosting services, domain registers, and again, a whole lot more. I have documented a few of my own issues over the years which you can read here, and here. Now it would seem – I’m in one, once again. And I’m getting increasingly infuriated by the day.

(On an aside, as some of you may know this was the reason why I switched nearly all of my IP for viewing over to WordPress™. As of today they’ve been by far the best on all fronts. Your “mileage” may vary as others have said, but as for me as of this moment – they’ve been far more responsive than I ever imagined they would. Also – their stance against frivolous DCMA is currently second to none.)

“So, why all the above?” you may be asking. Well it’s for this reason:

One of the building blocks that was (is) crucial in the development of what I was getting ready to launch has so far turned out to be nothing but a wait, wait, wait, then wait some more proposition, with no real clarity.

I currently can’t tell if this is all just a fluke, or something I’ll have to contend with continuously.

I’m beginning too feel it is the latter.

And with that realization – it puts not only everything “on hold”, it throws everything (and I do mean everything) that I was formulating as in the entire structure (model) crumbling into pieces. So much so that I may have to rethink, as well as redo the entire concept and enterprise.

Yes, as you might conclude – I’m totally, and throughly ticked off. And that’s putting it mildly.

Here’s just two little tidbits as to help clarify my anger. First: After careful and much correspondence (this part was when responses came fast and furious) as to make sure I could do X, Y, Z or not, and what that would entail, I decided to accept their offer and signed on for greater tools at a cost of quadrupling my current monthly charges. Yes – quadruple. But trust me – that’s about to be adjusted not just back, but passed back to, and directly to, ZERO.

Since I’ve made this change my response time to recent inquiries that are crucial, and a core feature of this new service have been (wait for it…) ZERO, as in zip, zero, nada. And these inquiries have now moved from weeks old – to over a month.

“Customer contact”, “”problem tickets”, “customer support” emails have gone unanswered. And for those wondering – I’m not sending “follow ups” asking (or pleading) “Hey, I sent you blah, blah, blah, did it possibly get lost in the ether?”

I would if I had only sent 1 request. But sending one across many different channels of contact and still not getting any response? Unacceptable, plain and simple. And I’ve just about had enough. (Actually more towards “just” but anything can happen between now and then I guess, but I’m sincerely doubting it.)

Now with the above for context let me lay out what I have forthcoming in light of all this…

I am currently rethinking everything I had originally thought going forward. And – I’m definitely going to make changes. What those changes are? I’m not quite sure, for as I said – everything I once thought was “all systems go!” seems to have blown up while on sitting on the pad. However, here’s what is coming:

I’m going to start by having StreetCry™ release potions of what I’ve been working on in the coming days, probably a week at the latest. They’ll far from be finished, complete, or written in stone formulations or presentations. Yet, they will at least give you an idea of what I’ve been pursuing over the last year or so.

We have many subscribers both new and old (as always, thanks too all!) and the subscriber base has grown ever more since my first announcement back in January as to why one should sign up for “subscribing will have its benefits.” This should, at the least, give some idea of what I was talking about to begin with. And I’ll explain more as we go along over the coming weeks and months.

I just wanted to make clear: Yes, even though I am known for changing everything midstream if I believe there is good reason, sometimes jettisoning entire projects all together after much work and effort to everyone’s horror (just ask StreetCry). I just want to say this time – it’s not me. (or my fault!)

Yet – the reasons for it will make me ever-the-more determined that it won’t happen in the future. We shall see.

Now, as Monty Python’s Flying Circus® used to say – “for something completely different…”

Over the years I’ve made mention of my trials and tribulations when it comes to writing. One of the reasons for this was simply to point out using myself as the example (which most never do) why one should pick a direction, decide, then begin doing. Regardless of what others think.

However, with that said, when it comes to the written word? I have never encountered more people who say “they know better” or, are more than willing (for I believe there’s nothing on this Earth that could stop them from doing so) to express their reasoning why someone like myself not only shouldn’t be allowed next to a keyboard, but rather – should be shot (I believe literally!) if I’m found to be even within 3 feet of one. I have never encountered such hostility in my life than those who profess themselves to be “writers.” I am still flabbergasted too this day.

I’ve been asked many times why my articles (asked by some – screamed by others) can have so many spelling errors or used the wrong word (as in sounds appropriate yet if misspelled means something else entirely.)

I am fully cognizant when it comes to the Punctuation Police and their brethren of the Grammar Gestapo – there will be no exemptions other than my imprisonment. Yet, for the rest I thought I’d just mention a few possible reasons. First:

Have you ever seen the following? To wit:



Or how about this one?


Well, here’s the issue for me. I must have a mind that is more akin to titanium. Why?

Because it took me reading the above nearly 4 or 5 times before I even noticed there was something wrong.

Just don’t tell the critics – for it’ll just infuriate them even more. If that’s even possible.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr