And The Ratings Were? Part 2

Back before the Oscars™ this past Sunday I made two predictions based on my own circumstantial/observational evidence.

In an article titled, “A Big Game Prediction And A Bit More” I made the case that both the ratings for the “Big Game” along with the Oscars had the potential to be ratings disasters. The “Big Game” turned out to be just that (based on advertising and business metrics) and I expressed that in greater detail in a follow-up titled, “And The Ratings Were?”

So now since the Oscars have come and gone; the results?

From USA Today™. To wit:

“… a shade above the record-low turnout of 32 million logged in 2008, in the middle of a writers’ strike that crippled Hollywood.”

So, not the worst, but close enough that “worst” still fits, yes?

At the time of those writings, as is usually the case, they were met with “Who are you to speculate on such things?” or my personal favorite, “What do you know about that!”

It would seem, in retrospect, maybe a little more than others may think.

Here’s how I expressed some of my conclusions in one of those earlier articles:

“Back in December I penned the article: “The Political Celebrity: Another Jump The Shark Moment” I now feel, much like my earlier observations, that I may be far more correct than even I first thought. For if my wife is any indication? The Oscars are about to find out that “backlash” isn’t some movie title. And their ratings this year may give it a trophy it never thought possible. i.e., A participation trophy for worst ratings ever, beating out what many of the so-called “stars” deem as “low brow sports” as opposed to “the arts.”

So here’s the next big prediction. Ready?

I don’t think Jimmy Kimmel does a sequel.

But what do I know.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr