If Not Now? When?

As we’re about to cross into the new year, one of the most over-rated, foolhardy, near-meaningless acts known as “New Year’s Resolutions” will be embarked on by a countless many. Countless for sure, and by most measures – pointless a near certainty.

Why do I say such a thing? Easy…

I’ve been there, done that. Watched countless others do the same – and watched and listened to excuse after excuse be used as to give rationale to: No it wasn’t my fault I didn’t reach it. It’s because of __________(fill in the blank.) Trust me I know them all. For not only did I use many excuses myself, I probably invented a few you never contemplated.

Yet, with all that said I have reached many goals. And most of those goals are the very one’s people currently buy books looking for the “secret” to attain. The difference between most of the books written and me revolve around one very critical factor: They write about what others have done.

I’ve done, and now write about it.

Today, most “Self Help” or “Personal Achievement” styled books are written by people whom A) have done nothing more than read books authored by people who themselves only wrote about what others accomplished. And B) now have written a book (or have some program) for you to buy and read about what they’ve read. It’s mind-numbing.

And the topic most covered in 99.9% of these is: goal setting. And most of it is nothing more than fluffy, flowery laced, bunk. Yes, even the ones by the so-called “big-time-gurus.” Actually, I’ll say most. I know because I’ve read most of them for myself.

Let me impress this one idea upon you about goal setting…

If the “goal” isn’t worth starting immediately where you stand at the moment you decide – It isn’t a goal – It’s a daydream, a wish, a nice thought to think about later. Nice, yes. But a goal? Hardly.

If you can’t get the meaning of that in your gut – you’ve just identified to yourself why your “goals” never result in actual attainment. Harsh? You bet. True? Absolutely. And could be worth $Millions to you if you just get and apply that one point. Yes, it’s that big.

Same goes for most other “goals.”

If you’re serious about losing weight for example – it starts in that moment of decision. Not after you give yourself the ability to binge over the New Year celebration and wake from a food coma the morning of the 1st to then begin. If that’s the way you “goal set?” Is it any wonder why you can probably use one hand to count the ones that were achieved, and even with your socks off wouldn’t have enough digits to keep track of the ones you didn’t reach? Be honest.

Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t use a new year, new month, new day, etc. to clear the slate and start afresh. i.e., for tax reasons you needed to wait before forming a new company, or lease to expire, et cetera. That’s fine. Just don’t confuse the personal goal (i.e., lose weight, stop doing X, begin doing Y, etc.) with something outside. The personal (as in towards improving yourself) must begin in the moment. Not later, otherwise? It’s nothing more than a daydream.

So let me end with this for you to consider:

If the goal isn’t important enough to begin right now where you stand? How does it gain more importance or meaning by putting it off another day? For if you can? It becomes obvious that goal just isn’t that important then, is it?

For here is the real dirty-little-secret when it comes to goal setting or resolutions…

If not now? When never comes.

Regardless of what day it is on the calendar.

© 2016 Mark St.Cyr