A Few Surreal Thoughts On “Fake News”

It seems no matter where you’ve turned over the last week or so, whether it’s been print, television, or radio, there’s been one consistent theme across all of the main-stream media, and when I say all, I mean just that – all!

That theme, accusation, meme, or whatever moniker you want to apply to it (for it seems to get more nebulous by the day) has been the term “fake news.” And it’s causing quite the sensation and talking points for many.

However, when you find all that “talk” is emanating from main-stream media, then regurgitated at near infinitum by others who either don’t, won’t, or can’t do anything more than shrill their endorsement of such claims. Watching it in a removed, as well as bemused fashion has always been for lack of a better word – entertaining.

That is – until you find the subject of all that cackle – is you.

As many of you know some of my articles appear on ZeroHedge™ (which I consider an honor.) And as I iterated earlier, the main-stream media is tying itself into knots in an effort to lump not only them, but near any other outlet (where my articles also find their way at times) which poses anything contrary to what they decide as “proper.” Hence the term “fake news.”

The whole idea, as well as premise, is not only laughable, it’s hilariously void of any critical thinking. That is – until you find their “call for action” includes wanting FBI investigations, trials for treason, and more.

It’s one thing for what can only be called a “lunatic fringe” to make unfounded accusations, and call for retributions. That’s a part of living in a nation that takes free speech seriously. i.e., You have a right to speak your mind, you just don’t have a right to force people to listen.

But when the main-stream media decides (whether concerted or otherwise) to put its entire apparatus behind what can only be referred to as inane (and that’s being kind) while throwing in as a remedy is to either jail, or charge people or entities with treason? It makes one wonder if the line of moral dignity, as well as critical thought has not only been crossed by these outlets, but worse, they’ve decided to remove them altogether.

There’s only one response too all of this. And the serendipity should not be lost: “Have you no shame?”

If you want to understand my viewpoint when it comes to a lot of this. Here’s a snippet from a previous article just this past June. To wit:

“I was once asked at a meeting “Well I’ve never seen you in Barrons™ or Bloomberg™ and a few others” To which I replied:

“And you’ll probably never see me in the NY Times™ or The Economist™ either. However, I have been on ZeroHedge™ and a few others which are far more relevant, as well as important than those others combined. Because the people who really want to know, and here’s the real key: it’s important that they do know. Go there.

The people who are reading the others to near exclusivity just want smoke blown up their you know where as to feel, as if, they’re ‘in-the-know.’ But if that’s all they are reading – they know jack squat. Period. So yeah, I really could care less about being seen there. Too me – it would be as meaningless as getting 100,000 “likes” on Facebook™.”

And now, according to The Washington Post™, (WP) as researched by two independent teams, along with scientific studies, has found that yours truly (by association;) has so much influence in the course of elections, global finance, and more. That it can only be the result of state sponsored propaganda efforts. (i.e., It’s The Russians!)

Well now, I must say – That’s news too me!

If you’re new to my work, or a new subscriber for any reason (and to both new and old I respectfully say thank you) where you think I’m just trying to insert myself into a story (like all too many do) here’s a screen shot the day it was announced and ZH put it up on their own front page. To wit:

ZH Frontpage circa Nov. 25, 2016
ZH front-page circa Nov. 25, 2016

For those who may not know – that third article down was written by yours truly. And why does that even matter you might ask? Fair question. It’s because of this statement in the WP’s article and one that’s been regurgitated ad nauseam across the entire complex, again, to wit:

“Articles from ZeroHedge are frequently reposted by other sites, but appear on ZeroHedge first — the site’s authors are driving and shaping the stories, not merely reacting to them.”

Once again, I must say: “Well now!”

So is that something I should be concerned about? In other words: Being lumped in and thrown into some effort to smear and discredit anybody who doesn’t have their “mind right” as deemed by the main-stream media? Or, should I take it as verification by the main-stream media as proved by their sources both in “research,” as well as “objective analysis,” and not just one, but by “multiple sources.” that not only do I opine on stories – I am shaping the global narrative?

Being a businessman there’s only one answer: My speaking fees have just increased.  (Guess which one I’m going with!)

ZH made their own statement to all this drivel, while also Glenn Greenwald did the same with a colleague at the Intercept™. I would advise you to read both.

And yes, I believe it’s important that you do, not just for more insight, but also, for more clarity as to what it means, and the dangers of flippantly throwing out accusations for the long arm of any government agency to not only investigate, but also, investigate under the assumption that treasonist actions are involved. That’s where things become very surreal. And is not only something that’s not to be taken likely, it’s far from anything where “laughing” can be used to describe it.

My articles have also appeared on more than a few of the 200 websites the WP is willfully trying to blacklist. Websites I’ll also openly state I am honored found anything I may articulate worthy for their viewership. And to all of them I say thank you, also.

(On an aside David Stockman’s along with Ron Paul’s web site made this list? Again David Stockman and Ron Paul? The WP is trying to imply they’re either knowingly or unknowingly working for the Ruskies? I mean, please excuse my french but – Have they (at the WP) all lost their F’n minds?!)

And now since I’ve got a lot of that off my chest, let me also make something perfectly clear. I’m not trying to state or infer by implication that because I appear on any of those sites that I am some type of “brilliant” or “highly accredited” writer or thinker. Far from it. It could be very possible I appear on any of those sites because I am considered “the comic section.”

And if that is so, I’m fine with that. I’m just happy to contribute in whatever capacity I may add. (Although if true I don’t want to know, just sayin’)

But on one last note: I do want to share a real concern which; if they ever found their way into the seats of government power; with the ability to have their wishes backed up with not only the force of law; but also the ability to carry out its punishment? It’s these two:

The “Punctuation Police,” and the “Grammar Gestapo.”

For if they realize the person who publicly acknowledges “can’t spell cat without spellchecker” and asks readers to use their own research and findings, rather than taking anything either he, or others state as fact, first? And is now stated by the main-stream press to have this much influence?

Let’s just say if I suddenly disappear:

Start with them first!

© 2016 Mark St.Cyr