Why You Should Always Consider The Source

I couldn’t help but laugh when a friend brought to my attention a news story (Fake News Sites!) originating from my “home town” area. e.g. Merrimack College in North Andover Massachusetts.

For the record: I both know of the college, as well as lived in the town for many years. As some of you might know I grew up in the neighboring city of Lawrence, and also lived in Andover. So it was too my amusement when I read the contents of the story that I had connection in a few ways. First:

In the story an Assistant Professor of Communications at the college decided it was imperative for the sake of main-stream media punch-drinkers everywhere to provide a list of “Fake” news outlets. You know – because she must assume that the people or students in her circles are too stupid as to know the difference. Or else why the warning, correct?

One of those “fake news” sites she listed was ZeroHedge™. A news site which I have been privileged and grateful to have had my ideas expressed by. I guess that makes me a “fake” by association. Well, if it does, I couldn’t be happier, or more proud to wear her scarlet badge. I’ll display it as a badge of honor from this day going forth.

However, with that said, let me make my own little statement to this “fake news” story. I ask you dear reader (as I always have) to consider the source (even when it’s me) of whether or not something makes sense to you, or not, and do further research on your own, as to formulate whatever conclusion you desire as it may pertain to your own circumstances.

Here’s one from me:

When I was growing up I decided I didn’t want to go to college. One of the reasons? My only choice at the time would have been to enroll at Merrimack. Why did I have such reservations? Well, as I said previous, I also lived in Andover. Why would that matter you ask? Easy:

In Andover where I lived, our house bordered the grounds of another school. That school is known as Phillips Academy (PA.) What does this have to do with Merrimack you ask?

Well, when you live in Andover (especially around “the Academy”) you learn a few things. First: PA is a prep school for not only the wealthy, but for the very wealthy. If you want a sample I’ll just use one of its alumni: John F. Kennedy. You can draw your own conclusions from there.

So what does this school have to do with the former? Well, the running joke among many from that area goes like this: Why is Merrimack College’s proximity to PA seen as a benefit to students attending and parents paying (and paying exorbitantly!) for prep? Because when students decide to slack-off too much or are about to fail – all a parent has to do is drive them just a few miles away and say – Fine: then this is where you’ll go after.

Grades increase with near immediacy. No private “tutoring” needed.

If there’s one thing I do hope for when it comes to this assistant professor, as well as all the other academics which might be following her advise, it is this:

You had better hope all those claims of “solvency” and “markets are just fine” and “The Fed. has your back” are really as they say they are in the main-stream media outlets they reverence so much.

For their pensions, as well as employment depends on it.

Oh yeah: That, and the student loan industry. Where I would imagine they’ll have a hard time recouping any future payments with what it probably costs to obtain a degree in communications and what it pays on the open market. That is – if you can find a job that “pays” in that field at all.

Or, like most – they could just stay in school and read the “approved” academic publications.

Which appears to be the growing fad.

© 2016 Mark St.Cyr