A Date In History That’s Truly Important

Say what you will whether England leaves the EU in what is now collectively known as “Brexit,” because one thing to my mind much more important has finally been adjudicated and deserves attention, far more than whether some country will leave, or remain, in some contrived union. (although it does deal primarily with a few English blokes)

No, what is really important today and has consequences for the citizens of the world is this:

The copyright lawsuit against Led Zeppelin for Stairway To Heaven has finally been settled. And Zep’ won.

So, can we finally put this ludicrous suit behind us (being a former musician I feel I have the right to use the term “ludicrous”) and stop hearing about how it was “stolen?”

I am as sick of hearing about this suit, and gleeful it’s finally over. Although, maybe, not as much as when I no longer have to hear it on the radio as I did in the 70’s, 80’s, and every classic rock station for the last three decades when the DJ was in need of a “restroom” break. Never-mind how many weddings I heard it played at.

Go Zofo!

© 2016 Mark St.Cyr