A Quick Follow Up On : “Crying Towels”

It was only in October of last year when I made the following statement. To wit:

“The once emblematic IPO cash-out that lured many is beginning to morph into the loss of IPO dreams that resemble wash-out with every passing earnings cycle. For a glimpse into the event horizon that is the future. All one needs to do is look no further than what myself and a few others have dubbed the “canary in a coal mine” of all that’s Silicon Valley: Twitter™.”

So let’s look at what many around the Valley were using as a pejorative term to make the case that I had absolutely no clue about what I was talking about. e.g., “pictures.”

Twitter’s stock price and market valuation as of this writing…



And if you invested 1 red cent in Square, even at the touted “reduced offering price” at IPO…


Your only way to look at it is: you don’t have that much red left to go.


Again from that article:

“And this brings on a whole host of other meme shattering, break out the “crying towels” type arguments. For if it can happen there – guess where else it’s going to begin happening? Is ________________ next? Just fill in your current favorite high-flying Non-GAAP social darling on that line – for it’s going to happen at all of them very soon in my opinion. Much sooner than many now even think or ever thought possible.”


But remember, what do I know. After all…

“And he has BEEN A CEO”

© 2016 Mark St.Cyr