A Thought For Today’s Entrepreneur

Today, many entrepreneurs are enamored with anything “technological” when it comes to performance enhancement, time savings, labor savings, you name it. And if the descriptor “new” or “improved” is used? Many will signify a response resembling Pavlov’s dogs.

Everyone is looking for that “holy grail” app, program, or do-dad they are just sure “will give them the edge.” Most of it will result in some form of circular logic chain recited internally to give credence that “It must be working for look at how many things I’m capable of monitoring and do!” Yes, they are doing and monitoring quite a bit. However, I’ll contend most (if not all) are wasted, unproductive deeds and metrics that should be ignored, not monitored more frequently as well as efficiently.

The “analyzed-self” of today also seems to be all the rage. One can monitor their movements, their vitals, their caloric intake and far more than I can list here. They can also text or contact colleagues with immediacy, browse web sites, or scour social media sites near anywhere on the planet. And they do, spending valuable time as well as intellect in what is known as “busy work” as opposed to productive work. Most are oblivious to the fact than they’ve become highly productive spending valuable time, money, or other resources in increasing their ability to look and feel busy while actually being – unproductive.

If you want to increase your productivity as well as bank account here’s a tip: Put down the “technology” just one morning a week, and get face-to-face with just one of your past or present clients and ask for one to three referrals. Then follow-up on them with immediacy. Do that for a month and compare the ROI. The reach out costs you nothing, as well as the technology needed which may be no more complicated than walking over and knocking on their door.

Or, you can brush it all off as heresy and continue to scour the web and social media sites you now check every 5 minutes to see if someone “likes” you while monitoring your vitals in an endless loop. Just be sure when deciding to evaluate honestly: how many “likes” or how many “aerobic measurements” it takes for your bank to recognize it as cash in your account as to make the mortgage payment.

An entrepreneur is at their most productive when the focus is on: one customer that likes doing business with them, and is happy to recommend them to someone else. Both activities have a place on the ledger. Knowing which side separates the successful – from the bankrupt.

© 2015 Mark St.Cyr