When Presenting To Different Businesses

I was queried for my thoughts on presenting your business to diverse segments. Here was my response.

“In today’s eclectic sales channels many find themselves needing to present sales or opportunities to a myriad of differing buyers. Many times one tries to tailor a presentation to speak “their” language. Don’t. Speak your own. However, you do need to know what criteria or measures speak too them.

Using just the investor-class as an example. They want to hear about: The future. Or, expected returns. If you were to only stress points on how you came from the past, to where you are presently, rather than; where you are currently, to where you’re going – you’ll lose their interest.

Where you were, and the progress you made earlier to get here – is great supporting data. Nonetheless, “supporting” is the key word. For their interest is from where they now stand – to some point in the future. That’s where they’re looking.

Speaking “their” language (i.e., using industry jargon and the like) as to explain your past performance will work to focus attention on exactly that: The past. Focus on being yourself and painting pictures of the future using the past as supporting: and you’ll capture their attention and more importantly: their business.

Even though facts can remain the same for the past, present, or future. Articulating a vision of how to get them from any point A to B is what you don’t want getting lost in translation.”

© 2015 Mark St.Cyr