The Oscars – Nobody Cares

It would seem the Oscars™ are getting a lot of press not for how good they were, but just how excruciatingly difficult they’ve become to now watch. It’s been reported the only thing viewed less than the awards show itself – are the movies it celebrated with awards.

Yes, I know it’s not about attendance or box office receipts that are the deciding factors. But honestly, the Academy now seems hellbent on picking out and bestowing awards to people and movies that leave you saying to yourself more often than not: “Who?” or “Huh?” I mean not for nothing, but I probably watch or see more movies (albeit at home) today than any other time in my life. And the more I’ve watched the Oscars as of late (for my wife watches them every year) the more I find myself having no clue of either the movie, or person nominated.

Forgetting about whether or not I’m “in touch” with what is considered by the Academy to be praise worthy. What really sticks in my craw as of late is the now relentless insertion and dissertation of a political view being barked at me through the screen. Whether or not I agree with the view is irrelevant: I am sick to death of it. (not just here but it’s now everywhere)

Tinsel Town as its been affectionately known in days gone by was loved for just that reason – sparkle and glitter. Where dreams of stars and stage were wrapped in glitz and glamor. It was a world within a world and was a marvel to view from the outside. And when Hollywood opened its doors to the outside world and showed the “stars” it was something to behold. Today? Not so much.

Today everyone’s there to make some form of political statement, to promote some cause, or to just be the most profane as to go “viral.” It seems receiving the “award” is an afterthought. After all if the truth be told, just like many of the once touted so-called “best seller lists” the awards process can and is gamed. (and you can research it for yourself there’s plenty of reports exposing just that)  Just how much does one want to spend to “win” is the real question.

Maybe that’s why the participants themselves seem less interested in attending than the public is now watching. And if the way many of them now dress for the occasion is any indication – I’ve seen people dressed better for morning coffee on a Saturday than what people now where to these shows. I mean honestly, at this level of glitz and glamor the attention to detail is outright pathetic in my opinion.

I’m no fashion expert, nor do I try to be. However, I am tailored enough in my understanding of what both fits, and what is appropriate to at the least comment on what I see. And most of what I see coming both down the runway as well as on the stage fits into neither category let alone on those wearing what should be their absolute “best of the best” attire.

When I look at the men what I see more often than not (so much so my wife shooshes me) are pants absolutely either cut wrong in length or they’ve decided to where the wrong shoes making the pants noticeably crinkle on their sides. The same effect happens when you have a pair of jeans that are 2 inches too long. This is quite acceptable for jeans. But for a suit? Or a tux? Give me a break. That’s not “style” that’s a fashion faux pas. And there’s no excuse (at least in my opinion) for people in that business.

As far as the “women?” Here’s the best way I can describe it. Just like the old adage used to express whether one was watching pornography or not. “I know it when I see it.” Maybe what I’m seeing doesn’t fit into the adult film industry. But what I do know is – it sure doesn’t fit into the glamor section either.

Sure there are some that are absolutely beautiful and stunning (regardless of age) wearing outfits that are just dazzlingly glamorous in both cut and presentation. But (and it’s a very big but) there are far more that look like they’re either going to work at a “gentlemen’s club” straight after the show. Or, they just got off from working at one and came straight to the show. Again – regardless of age.

Now it’s been reported that “the stars” want “real questions” (i.e., as in substantive to a political view et al) when they are on the red carpet. It would seem they (at least in my opinion) want to be “taken seriously” and not be seen as just some “star to be gawked at.” All I can say is really? I mean – really?!

Not for nothing, have you ever noticed when most of these actors or actresses are “off cue’ or without a script? They are near unable or incapable as to express an idea or anything else extemporaneously. Of course there are those that can, but they are far and few. And I’ll contend they stand out because of just that. So few of these actors and actresses today seem to know what to say, or how to act unless they’re in some character relying on someone who can say both “cut” as well as “we’ll edit that out” saving them from embarrassment.

It’s become obvious to more than just myself just how much the Oscars have changed and how they’re losing their appeal to the very people they need to watch their craft. i.e., movie goers themselves. I also listened to a few people (on television and radio) who are quite political in their own viewpoints that stated publicly that they too were a little taken back with “the political” forced viewpoint emanating from the award stage.

Moving forward I think the viewership of this once wonderful display of Hollywood glitz and glamor will be nothing more than another “reality” show based spectacle with the viewership to match. Because the more they want to be taken “seriously” and interject more of the “political” viewpoint. The more, or should I say less – anyone cares.

After all, they proved just how “sensitive” and “snooty” and “out of touch” they really are when they gave their version of “honors” to those in the industry that past away in 2014. For who did they leave out? One of my personal favorites Joan Rivers.

To quote Joan “Can we talk here?” If you were going to celebrate people such as clerks and back room staff; why on Earth, or how could you leave out someone whom by all accounts was associated almost as closely with the Oscars as anyone else? Unless – it was a purposeful, and vindictive intentional swipe. Not an “oh well we couldn’t fit everyone.”

It’s only my opinion, but I truly think it’s because she dared to make fun of them as they tried so desperately to be seen as “serious.” Problem is for them?

Joan was the only reason most of us were watching the red carpet to begin with. It would seem the recent ratings also bear that point.

© 2015 Mark St.Cyr