Greece: The Facts Remain In A Game Of Theories

Once again the financial markets displayed its utter confidence that no matter what Sword of Damocles may hang over its head, central bankers will thwart the impending peril. It’s beginning to take on such lore one could imagine or extrapolate in times going forward relative to the times passed since Zeus and the Immortals were believed to control the universe, today’s cadre of central bankers will be added to that roster of Olympus.

Scary thought I know, but at today’s pace fiction has far more in common with what people believe to be true. Remember “everything is awesome!”

I’d wager Zeus himself would be envious of such adoration and believability bestowed on central bankers across the globe. And if there’s any doubt of this omnipotence they’d be more than delighted to explain it to you. Of course this must take place at a press conference, for if they just used thunder and lighting as in days past it might scare the natives.

All this brings us right back to the current “sword” that still dangles above the head of the markets: Greece, and the all too real uncertainty of whether they are going to remain dutiful servants bringing offerings and gifts to lay before their current masters of their universe. Or, they are going to stand with straightened backs and declare they are the keepers of their own nations soul and the “gods of Olympus and Banks” be damned.

I find it more than just a little bit ironic that such a confrontation should play out in the very place such epic stories and more once originated. But (and it’s a very big but) Greece had better understand this idea or meme known as “game theory” that is said to be at the heart of their negotiations may turn out in the end to be nothing more than a fact based way to lose rather than some theoretical way to win. For just like their patriarchs of myth and legend, they were not overcome or banished to history via “games of theories.” They were overcome due to the use of straight talk and factual based evidence of intention.

Vanquishing foes whether they be real, or of myth and legend, is done so based with stunningly brutal acts of fact. Period. i.e., If you say you’re going to do something – Do It! Regardless of what “it” is. Anything less shows you never had the backbone to back up your intents.

And no other offering of devotion will equal (or delight) that one admission to your proclaimed over-lords the “Troika.” Nothing. And that’s an unadulterated fact. Pure, as it is simple.

Regardless of the how, why, and other circumstances that led to the impasse of where Greece now finds itself on the monetary world stage. The fact is an elected government along with the outright vociferous display of unity from those very people should embolden the stance of what is to be done; not allow room for clouded discussions and press-ers to be held where one has to think or over analyze at to interpret exactly what’s going on. i.e., “Are the playing cat and mouse?” Or, “Is this some form of brilliant display of game theory that we mere mortals can’t understand?”

If it is borne out to be true that what is being reported throughout many media channels is the fact that Greece has indeed nearly forfeited all its positions in-turn for some changes in language as to appear they have indeed stood up to their nemesis “and won” will not only be disappointing, in my opinion it will embolden central bankers and Keynesian devotes everywhere to view the monetary world with even more self-aggrandized thoughts and actions.

Today Greece stands not only at the crossroads of regaining self-determination as a country via its monetary policies. It also stands quite squarely as well within the cross-hairs of central bankers everywhere. For if Greece does in fact stand true to its demands, and insists on resolutions to once and for all absolve itself from its current dilemma as well as divorce itself from the religious styled worship of central banks and stand on its own two feet consequences be damned: it will indeed show that the edifice of central bankers omnipotence is in fact just that – an edifice of beliefs – not something to be worshiped as “god-like” or “all-powerful.”

Whether or not one agrees with Greece and their interpretation as well as explanation as to why they find themselves buried under this monstrous burden of debt, this fact is clear above all else…

Greece must standup and prove with clear concise action displaying in fact for all to see that it fully intends to reach out and cut the rope releasing the sword. If not it will do as so many others have done before it and shrink into the history books of obscurity. For that is where this current movement will surly end up if they’re shown willing to do anything less. Matter of fact they’ll be lucky if they’ll even be a footnote in the future if they don’t.

Today as we sit that one fact still remains unresolved: Will Greece and all that it proclaimed it was going to show the world follow thru and emulate the triumphs and victories against repression like the stories of old? Or, does it have more in common with the storytelling of myth and legend laced with hyperbole? Rather than the reality of a “promised” backbone.

Just imagine the central bankers gleeful recantation for years to come if it’s borne out their ability to quell such an uprising without the need to even brandish a lightning bolt. The facts will prove once again all one needs to have is a sanctioned printing press – and the power and control to rival Olympus are yours for the taking. Oh how the “lesser-gods” must envy these new power brokers. For that must surely be omnipotence worthy of praise.  And their presumed omnipotence as well as power is proving to be a game winning fact if it plays out as currently reported.

For facts trump a game based in theory every time. And the fact is as I stated in an earlier article: (to paraphrase Mike Tyson) “Everyone’s got a plan – till someone gets punched in the face.”

Well Greece did indeed land the first blow. However, it’s beginning to look more and more that Greece’s first shot was more of an “eyes closed” lucky punch. And everyone knows the cold hard truth or fact that no game theory can trump: If that’s all that it was – the counter punch from their adversary is going to be nothing short of a factual resulting “hay-maker” looking to once, and for all, put the “lights out” on any and all future up-risers.

It would appear not only we but even the “gods” will have to wait till Monday as to know the fate of either. For the sword still hangs.

At least in theory.

© 2015 Mark St.Cyr