A Thought On Leadership

I was queried for my thoughts on some myths of leadership. Here was my response:

One of the greatest myths held by both the general public along with those that find themselves in the corner office is the idea: They need to be an expert on all things. This is hogwash and cripples many potential great leaders from becoming just that, for they dedicate massive amounts of personal resources trying to know everything about – everything.

The issue this creates is: In a period of crisis, or where definitive leadership is needed; they know little or next to nothing about a lot of things.

Leadership is about knowing where to get expertise when needed, acquiring the ability as well as consistently honing the skill of listening as to understand and quickly judge character in people. This is paramount.

This is what enables a leader to “read” or ascertain whether someone is coming from a viewpoint of expertise – or just blowing smoke. For the leader many times has to make split-decisions in real-time whether it be to put a plan into action immediately; or scrap it all together and move on. And is far more important a trait in leadership than just the proverbial “people person” or “knows a lot about everything” moniker.

Investing the time in furthering one’s ability to read people will help one gain the expertise needed to handle most situations or crises, along with making that deceive decision to actually put it into play.

This is what separates the true leader from all the rest.

© 2015 Mark St.Cyr