Just An Observation

Partying – I get it. And yes there was a time not all that long ago I lived it. However, there is a real change in the way partying, celebrating and a whole lot more has changed today than just a few years back. Especially when it comes to any form of “championship” styled celebratory acts. i.e., National championships, Super Bowl™ or other type of venue.

Last night where I live a celebration took place when The Ohio State Buckeyes won the National Championship for college football. A great accomplishment and well deserves kudos. However, the celebration of the so-called “fans” here in the city – not so much.

Last night to break up, as well as contain the “celebration” from getting even more out of hand, police on horseback, riot protective gear, along with the use of tear gas and more was needed to disperse and end the “festivities.” Yet, as seemingly uncommon as such a spectacle should be, it now seems the norm.

Over the last few years I’ve taken residence in two different cities. One is Lexington, KY the other is Columbus, OH. Both are great cities with vibrant college campuses. When I first moved to Lexington their basketball and football teams at UK (Wildcats) were floundering. Then within a year they changed coaches and the basketball team went on to win everything. The celebration afterwords? Overturned cars, fires, and a whole lot of other bedlam that left the area a mess.

Now here I am once again in the same situation within just 3 years. Once again the result? Tear gas, public drunkenness, vandalism, and who knows what else. Again, so much so – that tear gas was needed to be used. This is a “Woo Hoo let’s celebrate!” for today’s so-called fans? Really?

This isn’t just for college either. It wasn’t all that long ago in my home area of Boston MA. When the Red Sox finally won their first championship in nearly forever the “celebration” needed to be met once again with , riot police, tear gas, and what ever else was needed to help restore order to a crowd that seemed intent on literally burning the city down to show their “love” for the team. I mean it’s just nuts, if not down right crazy in my opinion.

I also find it quite perplexing how those that scream “police are acting heavy-handed” are also far and away at the center of absolute bedlam and mayhem where the only way to control and keep them from tearing a city down is the need to use or deploy tear gas.

Remember, I’m talking about a celebration here. Not something to be confused with any form of protests.

If getting older means I have enough common sense to stay away from anything now deemed “we won!” Then maybe I grew up more in line to what my mother would remind me demonstrates class, or manners.

For it sure looks like a lot of people have either forgot – or just never had them.

© 2015 Mark St.Cyr