It’s Not About What I Would Do

I was asked on how someone like myself can help “guarantee” results with people searching for advice or guidance. Here’s how I responded…

“I can clearly show someone the how’s or why’s something must be done. I can help steer or give the proper training to help facilitate a successful outcome. However, what I can not do, is magically curate all the possible actions for someone, then, telepathically make them do the things they need to do when they are needed too be done as instructed. Instructions by the way in which they agreed, were the things to do, and promised or assured themselves they would indeed: do them.

Without the person on their own accord making themselves do the very things they either know or believe needs to be done – nothing will help. The final condition or application for a successful outcome no matter what relies solely on the individual themselves: to do it. What ever “it” is. Period.”

Some may think the above is a coy way of “covering one’s behind” when the results aren’t produced by an individual. Again, that would be a fair point where I’ll also agree for I’ve seen it used in varying ways by many that I deem as “snake-oil” hawkers. However, that doesn’t mean because some have morphed and used it in duplicitous ways that there isn’t any truth still contained.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr