It’s Not Easy Being Green

I was standing in the ubiquitous bookstore you’ll find in most airports. As I was waiting for a flight I perused the shelves scanning which books and magazines were getting attention. You can learn a lot if you’ll take the time to look, and in many ways know “how” to look. e.g., Which magazines you can tell have been leafed through yet not bought as opposed to those show they have never been touched, with a generous supply left.

I did the same for books where I saw for the first time Tony Robbins new book. I was surprised by the heft of it. It wasn’t 5 inches thick, yet as far as business books go it was substantial, on par for what one would expect for a novel. It made sense seeing it’s his first in 20 years on an important subject so I picked it up and leafed through it. What surprised me? After skimming through it my original intent as to buy it waned – and I put it back.

As I’ve said many times “I’m a fan” but not of this latest release. (you shouldn’t take my word for it your mileage may vary) As I skimmed through it only reinforced my first blush inclinations that the “think like a billionaire” meme was misplaced for reinforcing the how and why for investing today.

I was surprised on just how often I found myself at odds with what I read. However, that’s me, and like I said, you may think different, but if you’re reading this I must assume you think somewhat like myself. (or think the opposite and use me as a rebuttal board which I feel is totally acceptable)

So now at least you know how I viewed it. Yet, the song from the Muppets® “It’s not easy being green” kept popping up in my head as the week wore on.

I was reading an article from a very well-respected speaker/consultant whom in which I have very high regards for. It the article he described an incident where an audience member stood and stated that they didn’t agree on his view about the nature or description as to the health of the economy.

The speaker then went on to describe how he refuted the answer with a terse one liner (I’m paraphrasing) ” “You can look at the glass as half empty or half full. Some of us simply take the glass.” There was a little more length and a little more color however I feel you get the point.

Although in principle I would agree with that statement or premise at first blush, in relationship to the question posed, and to answer in an almost “flick of the wrist” styled manner shows me just how few understand exactly what is taking place today. (And by few I mean the people who not only claim they know but charge for it)

If a downturn does take hold many I feel are going to find themselves not as prepared for the advantages that will abound. And many more will lose a lot of credibility if it does in the manner I have warned about.

In this business of “motivation” or “business expertise” there is both low hanging fruit ready for the picking as well as fruit that may take years to bear out. Today, many are reaching for that low hanging fruit thinking (or believing) that today’s market highs are borne from the same economics that produced similar highs and basing business, investing, and other “advice” based on it.

I firmly believe that is a grave mistake and will hurt more than it will help. However, only time will tell, but there are once again rumblings showing just how precarious things truly are.

I absolutely believe if I’m correct in my assessment of what is truly happening within the world of both markets as well as business; the opportunities for true entrepreneurs along with those that have put into practice the “entrepreneurial spirit” in their business lives will be rewarded with possibly the most monumental changes, as well as business opportunities – in more than a generation.

One that may just rival what we know as “the industrial revolution.” However, being prepared before hand to make any of the “green” so many others think/dream about will take a concerted effort to understand what is actionable advice as it pertains to the circumstance, as well as what should be avoided. This is the paramount distinction one must be able to discern today. Period.

The issue going forward is whether or not you can “be green” when everyone else is strutting like a peacock taking credit or basing advice on what just might be flawed assumptions.

Because it ain’t easy. But that’s where the credibility comes from – if you’re right.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr