Expanding On A Thought Process

As we roll into this holiday week we tend to move in more of a retrospective type mode. i.e., giving thanks, wondering about the future by looking at the past, etc, etc.

So for those of you that might still be perusing the web either just looking for ideas, or just glancing as to maybe spark a light bulb, I felt this year I would offer a sort of “thought prompter” for those who just never quite stop thinking. Regardless of the time of year. (for as entrepreneurs, does business responsibilities truly ever take a day off?)

So with that said here’s a real example I wish you to truly ponder, and think about how many other business (regardless of size) would try as to fix a knee jerk reaction to what at first would seem as bearing a self-evident fix at first blush.

First let me start with what many would might think would come last. i.e., a way of looking at the problem first, or guarding against a self bias view when presented with the issue.

Here are two articles that make my argument why as an entrepreneur or business leader you have to be careful in jumping to what might at first seems as the “obvious answer” or “obvious proposing fix.”

One Size Fits All aka Methodology Stupidity

And the other which is a little more recent:

Leadership 202

You can read them first, last, or not at all. However, please do read the article containing “the issue.”

I was alerted to this by a reader recently, however the article itself has been around for about a year. (I hadn’t heard of if personally)

When I read about the difficulty in solving the issue, and then to find how and why, I myself was at first left amazed.

Being in the restaurant business and knowing many of their issues first hand over the early part of my career (I was in the meat supply business) It just resonated with me. I hope it will with you.

In addition I hope that you may find it useful as to possibly bring light or help in any perplexing circumstance you may currently have, or experience in the future.

The issue took place at a restaurant in New York city where they were receiving unflattering reviews and more. So much so it was to the point of effecting their business as a whole. And the owners were both frantic and desperate to find both the underlying cause as well as a fix. What they found ties into what I posted earlier.

Here’s the original headline and link to the article from The Meta Picture

People Kept Complaining This Restaurant Sucked, Look What They Found Out…

I hope you find this as interesting and its relativity to many situations or circumstances we all face and try to come to grips with in business today as to make our business better.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr