A Few Notes On A Few Things – “Coming Soon!”

Currently I have so many irons in the fire I feel like a ping-pong ball moving from one task to the next as it seems I have more than 5 going all at once.

Deadlines for one, conceptual arrangement for another, along with the all too frequent getting close to the finality of another – then deciding I just don’t like it and am willing to throw the whole thing in the trash and start from scratch. (Which I’m prone to do and drives StreetCry nuts!)

One thing has become quite puzzling as of late. The larger the audience coming to the site and signing up as to “subscribe” via email increases. Many times one post later – the same number might “unsubscribe.”

Yes many stay (and you are appreciated) and the base continues to grow. However, we have been watching as the phenom happens over, and over again. It was one of those things that makes you scratch your head. Then it dawned on me. The blog for all intents and purposes had become very eclectic in subject matter.

People originally came here to read my thoughts on leadership, entrepreneurship, motivation, etc. They’d see a speech I’ve made or during a discussion and want more info.Then my writing took on far more subject matter and diversity of topics where others would read something I’ve written discussing global markets, financial matters, entrepreneurial issues and more.

Then there are others that seem to take to the “I’ve got a bee in my bonnet” rant where I’ve basically had enough of an issue and want to share as to maybe help others avoid or tackle an issue. And as many of you know quite a bit more.

However as I related earlier this came front and center when one of my articles was carried like they often do across many leading news sites. People apparently liked what they read and decided to sign up to receive more by email. Then about 24hrs later they received my thoughts as I wrote and contemplated impending concerns on the Ebola issue. And near overnight all that signed up that night before – left.

If one had come for insights on business or something other; to then get a story about Ebola in their mailbox I myself might have done the same thing thinking “what the frig is this?” (ding) Unsubscribe.

However it made the issue apparent and when we looked back over the data you could see it before as well as after. (For the record that article on Ebola was so far ahead of what anyone else was saying when it truly went “viral” even I was taken back. When I saw my name and article on the front page of sites like InfoWars™ and others even I was like “holy moly!”)

So here’s what’s coming. I am currently in the process of putting together another website designed specifically for motivational work. It will be available next year hopefully early in the year however, I am in a battle royal trying to regain access to a domain which I own and have owned for years back under my control. Currently it seems I’m being held hostage in some form of retaliation for moving this site. The name is important and I don’t want to abandon it till I’ve exhausted all reasonable options. Lawyers are next but I just don’t want to pull that trigger. Yet I’m growing angrier by the day. I’ll keep you posted.

Will this blog change? Well yes, and no. What will happen is there will be a clear separation where people who want specific articles and other items coming on-line will get just those that’s all. I guess in one way it proves ipso facto I’m not just a one subject pony.

On my upcoming book, I’ve decided to push back the release date and I just might scrap the whole project as I first envisioned it. Why? Because a book, is a book, is a book, and this one was turning into – a book.

Although I was feeling comfortable with it something kept gnawing at me. Then I received an invite to get a first edition printing of Seth’s new book coming out and it hit me – that’s it! Don’t get me wrong I’m not copying Seth. What he is going to release is truly original and I can’t wait till its out. (and I encourage all of you to do the same)

However, it’s the format that I was tired of. The traditional “book” per se’ in many ways is just that – traditional. So I’m toying with another format that’s been used by others and I think following in this new format with my own personal tweeks fits what I want rather than the traditional book. (e.g. Paul Arden, Tom Peters, and a few others have used this varying format and when I dug out my copies I knew right there what I wanted.)

Currently the audio and video projects are coming along. It was precisely for these we had the subscriber sign up push where people responded – then as I said before received an article on Ebola or something diametrically opposed or off topic and (ding!) unsubscribed. But all in all it’s been a great learning experience. We learn more and more because – more and more visit the blog now from so many places I can truly say unequivocally “visited and read around the globe.” Just staggering to me as I even type today. It truly humbles one.

I remember when it wasn’t all that long ago I sat glassy-eyed as I stared at my computer screen when my first book was made available for download and was slack-jawed to see it had been downloaded in over 40 countries in about 3 days. I remember just as vividly how I felt when we had visitors routinely coming to the blog from over 60 countries. Now, that number is well over 100. (Just typing that made me stop for a moment.)

All this and I didn’t even mention anything about live events. (and some other things in the idea stages)  Yes, it is going to be a very, very, busy time.

And finally, as always, a sincere thank you too all of you that read or visit this blog in one form or another around the globe. So here’s in looking too pushing that proverbial pedal down even harder. It should be an even faster, wilder ride.

At least that’s what I’m trying for.


© 2014 Mark St.Cyr