You Just Can’t Make This Stuff UP

Recently I wrote at length my feelings on search and more about the way it now has become (in my opinion) a near farce or maybe better stated; a complete waste of one’s time in using many earlier features or processes to find how much impact one is having upon the web.

For the record. As I type this just one of my latest articles was presented to an audience of both millions as it was carried via 3 of the top websites in the world, along with being distributed to all their own social media platforms, news feeds, re-blogging, and far too many others to mention. And what did I just receive telling me I was in so many places mentioned and printed by name? Zip, zero, nada, squat as always.

Then out of nowhere I received this. Ladies and gentleman I present to you exhibit A of this weeks “You can’t make this stuff up!”

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.52.05 AMAs I stated in my earlier piece. If you do the things these people tell you to do this basically shouldn’t happen. Not only that, they imply that if you do do things that make things like this occur – they will penalize you in ways even the inquisitors of the 15th century would think, “Yikes! Now that’s severe.”

So what can be garnered from this? Well we can spin it two ways.

One: This shows undeniably that most of the metrics many are chasing are now irrelevant. For as you can see. If I place my attitude, my business decisions, and few other things based on what “the web” is saying about me right now as we both sit here – I’m having no impact, or anything else for that matter. Just on my own site. And like I said in that article, “If I only have one person coming to my website and I’m happy with that…” (for the reasons I stated) It would be fair to assume that the only viewer, reader, or follower I have is probably my mom. And based on this evidence – you would have a very fair, hard to repudiate argument. Or…

You could put your (snake-oil) marketing or public relations jacket on and proclaim: The search engines find my site as the most important site as to be mentioned or appear on. So much so to the exclusion of all the others. For as the search shows by their own metrics used – this site (my site) is by far the most important, dominant, and informative on the web today.

Of course that’s tongue in cheek and one would be fool-hearty to even indulge that scenario with any serious thought. Yet, this is exactly how many are treating their work or businesses on the web. Kidding themselves as to if they are – or if they aren’t creating impact or doing real business. For too many as I said “are chasing vanity metrics.”

Don’t be fooling yourself or chasing your own tale (pun intended) when it comes to all this stuff. Get a true understanding of what is real and what you can truly build a business on. You can do it, and it can be done easiest – through hard work and effort. For there are a lot of people that want to sell you exactly: how you can make this stuff up easily. Don’t let them kid you. Remember: the worst person in the world as to try and fool – is the person you fool in the mirror.

That’s the one place where you don’t want to make stuff up.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr