Average is Doomed

Anything that is close to average is not only where you don’t want your product to be, but neither do you want you job, your sales presentation, your meetings, your whatever to be “average” either.

Average is the new term for disposable. Average is the key word, or mindset, that will make a buyer decide they don’t need to hear any more of your presentation, or opinion. Average is quickly becoming the first sign of business atrophy.

Businesses, people, organizations of any kind need true expertise in this business cycle. Average was viewed as “acceptable” when only bodies were needed rather than thinking beings. Today: any position along with almost anything that fits into average, will be viewed as the first thing to be replaced or cut out all together.

This doesn’t apply to just people. This applies to systems, interfaces, education, management, online, physical locations, you name it. Anything and everything is now up for review and will be changed at rates far faster than many ever dreamed.

The opportunity to stand out, to show your value, to make the case why you are not an expense but rather an asset – is today. In this landscape.

Not when the times are easy, but when they are hard for if you can just imagine; most of your competition will not do the hard. They will do the easier; which is to complain about how hard it is. That is a losing position and will eventually lead to even worse circumstances.

You will stand out from the crowd and people will listen to your offerings if only you veer from this business chilling point alone.

People want solutions, they want help, they have needs, but what they don’t need any more of is a defeatist attitude from other businesses or people. They don’t need to hear “how tough it is for the average business or person in this environment” or more from anyone else. They’re probably telling themselves the same far more often than they’ll admit. And many are down right sick of it.

What they need is, “Here’s what I can help you achieve in this environment.” “Here’s what you should be doing to maximize X in this environment.” Or better yet, “Here’s what I need to do in this environment!” I believe you get my point.

Start from where you are, regardless of where that may be, and make the hardest commitment of any journey: The commitment to be better than you were yesterday. To move away from anything average and start striding towards excellence.

That’s all, nothing more. Just that one thing alone will propel you, and give you, the needed fuel to thrive while everyone else is just trying to “get by.”

It seems so simple, so small an act. Yet, it’s usually the smallest of acts that set the course for where the journey needs to go. And while everyone else is waiting for their next “big break” you should be engaged in doing the little things first – that make those breaks appear on command.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr