Everyone wants to argue about salary from the entry-level to the CEO level. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has an opinion. However, having an “opinion” is far different from being the person that needs to ensure that opinion/paycheck actually clears the bank. They don’t have luxury of fulfilling opinions. If they can’t afford it – they wont hire. Simple as that, no opinion, that’s fact. Everything else in regards to this subject currently is so far removed from reality it makes one’s head spin.

A while ago I wrote an article on why people who get it at their core and understand true entrepreneurship or the entrepreneurial mindset have the greatest opportunities today to push far ahead of most of the competition. Just on the mere fact alone if they understand it’s about what they can offer in value as opposed to asking for some arbitrary salary you win. Where you as an individual are a business unto yourself and choose the company you wish to work for, rather than the other way around.

This is where one shows their value and professes to be paid accordingly because they can demonstrate it. They can prove the why one would be crazy as to not hire them, rather than asking pretty please.

Today what I also see that’s become even far more prevalent is what I like to call: The Disillusioned.

Below is an actual question asked in earnest from someone looking for guidance so they could find work. So illustrative is this example when I saw it I immediately saved it. It’s from over a year ago but it shows the mindset of many today. Again, this was asked as to get help in forming one’s resume. Here’s the part of their question that just caught me broadside.

From: The Columbus Dispatch in the column for Resume’ Solutions with Samantha Nolan

“I am 27 years old, and while I still do not know what type of job I want, I need career-level pay. I think my best chances of securing such a job are finding something in line with my communications degree.”

Look closely and ponder deeply the mindset. i.e., 27 years old. Still doesn’t know what type of job they want. However, needs “career level pay.” (What’s that, 100K or so I guess?) And, they “think” maybe something within their degree choice in “communications.” Which they’re probably now saddled with student debt acquiring it.

One might think I’m picking on this person, and I’ll assure you I’m not. What I am trying to show is there are far more 26 – 35 year old’s with this mindset (if not more so) than anyone ever imagined. And what I’m trying to express to anyone that will listen is this: This is your current competition.

Stop making excuses and get out there and compete. Your competition is waiting for the world to come to them. If you shake off your own disillusionment and see the world for what it truly is. You can seize it.

But you have to get up, go out, and reach for it. The opportunity and breaks you’re hoping for are all there, but you must be the one that initiates the process. If you wait, you’ll only learn what “career-level pay” is for waiting. And to my knowledge, that pay scale is still set at zero.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr