You Can’t Swim Unless You Get Wet

On this Labor Day I couldn’t help myself from thinking about how many people needlessly frustrate themselves and add far more laboring thoughts of frustration to their lives when they’re thinking about taking the plunge into the world of “entrepreneur.”

The most common source of frustration I both see as well as expressed to me in person comes from people who haven’t made a definitive decision as to actually take control and take the plunge. Rather, they are still on the shore looking around at anything and everything but the water mumbling to themselves and more.

They’ve read all the books on swimming, they’ve been to all the seminars on “Survival Swimming from Great To Greater!” et al. Yet – not only do they frustrate themselves, they frustrate everyone else around them. e.g., They call out to anyone within earshot already swimming to come to the shore and tell them how wet the water is. The example sounds laughable, but it’s not that far off the mark I assure you.

There comes a point you have to get into the water. You don’t have to launch yourself from the 10 meter board to make an entrance or splash. You just have to get wet to start. But you have to start even if that means wading in from the kiddie section.

I have found the most questioning people (the one’s that stop a speaker to ask a question after every sentence) that take over conversations about business in a group with incessant questioning, more often than not are from people who have been toying with the idea of entrepreneurship – for years, and years, and years!

These are the people that seemingly demand others to answer the most rudimentary questions at meetings or events where some level of expertise is self evident just in its naming alone. e.g., “High Diving Skills For Today’s Entrepreneurs” Then all you hear is, “Excuse me, should I learn how to swim first before employing these concepts? Excuse me, does one need to remove one’s shoes to execute what you describing?” and so forth.

Why do they do this? Because they “think” they would love to be an entrepreneur and all it entails. Yet – they are doing anything and everything but what needs to be done: Commit, take the plunge, and get wet. Until then there is nothing that will frustrate both themselves and everyone else around them.

As I said earlier you don’t need to look for the highest point to leap from for your first attempt. You can start from the wade in section and build you confidence but you have to get wet. Period.

You don’t have to “quit” your current job to be entrepreneurial. You can start just by changing and committing yourself to the idea that you are in the business of you. You decide where, how, and under what terms you are going to render service to an employer. And if those ideals no longer seem to match, well then, you’ll just move to where they do.

You also don’t need to go out and take out loans, hire people, and all the rest to start your own business and find out what are some of the basics involved in actually becoming an entrepreneur.

Look around you and decide to take one of the most mundane items you can live without and sell it on Ebay™ or at a flea market. See who else is selling the same thing, how is their description worded, what price, and write your own and try to sell it before them and at the same if not even higher price. Sell an old laptop, or designer purse, or __________(fill in the blank.)

Change your description to see what works or what doesn’t. Follow others that are being sold. Try figuring out why and so forth. Compete, do it, try it, just start. You’ll be amazed how much you’ll learn even in this simple process. But you must start!

What you may finally realize is while you’ve been standing on the shore waiting for just the right swimwear looking around wishing, hoping, and dreaming to take the plunge. Others all around you have been diving in, some still fully clothed in business attire, while others went in skinny dipping style not caring who was watching.

On this Labor Day stop laboring on the idea of getting wet and jump in and do it if you truly want to learn how to swim.

There really is no alternative.

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr