A Thought For Today’s Entrepreneur

All thoughts for gainful pursuits or quests usually begin with a lone person sitting by themselves thinking about what to do, or not. What to try, or not. Then usually rounded off with: Why?

When the answers to one’s questions just don’t seem to be forth coming, or some form of frustration keeps getting in the way of a resolute answer to work with. Try thinking what, or where, or of how someone else may look at the same issue. Why not imagine how your questions would be answered if you had the ability to present them to Caesar, or Hannibal, or Alexander, or _________(fill in the blank)?

The thinking or the “act” itself is the same for all and has been the same since time in memorial. There is no difference for you, and the great that have gone before you other than: They are they, and you are you. But the thought, the decision to move, regardless of stature is where you are no different from them. They are you – and you are them.

If you were to stand on a beach gazing at the horizon, the only difference between you and those brave adventurers preceding you is you know there’s not a cliff beyond. The one’s whose name we remember looked out and saw the same view yet did not know. Yet sailed anyways!

How do you think they would answer some of the questions that are holding you back? And what’s probably even more important…

Do you really want to know?

© 2014 Mark St.Cyr