Answering Some Questions

One of the most frequent questions we get about Mark’s blog falls around this question: “95 countries? C’mon, really?” And sometimes it’s asked like this: “95 countries? What – are counting spammers too?!” Or the inevitable: “You mean to tell me Mark’s blog is translated into countless languages? That sounds a little far fetched or at the least – exaggerated.” What many forget (and it’s very easily understood as to why) English is the predominant language used in and for business around the world. The higher one moves and is involved in the business structure globally the more one will find English as the common business language, and many are extraordinarily fluent.

Mark will be the first to say these and more are all fair questions. And as many of you that have been following him or his writings for a while know, he prefers to use himself whenever possible as the exemplar (or guinea pig) in most examples. So what we did was put together an info-graph of what traffic on the blog looks like at any given time. Below what you’ll see is what an average day (covering about 2 weeks,) an average week, and an average month. These aren’t cherry picked, these are roughly over the last 30 to 60 days.

Some might think “Huh, but why no visitor count? What are you trying to hide?” Again as Mark would say, “Fair question.” and I asked him if I should and here’s the response: “Putting a number means absolutely nothing. The best number for anyone who seriously wants to interpret reach or impact would be to think of every visit as only 1 rather than 100, or 1000, or 1,000,000. The number is irrelevant. Those concerned with only a number more often than not aren’t really interested in the “numbers,” for again they truly are irrelevant. Many times what these people are actually doing is trying to justify or reconcile themselves for their own lack luster performance on some social media site. This is the crowd that believes “likes” and the like means money in the bank. You won’t convince them otherwise and I’ve long ago stopped trying.”

So for the many of those that have asked here is that graphic and one last note: As of today, it’s actually over 100.


As always, thanks to all new and returning visitors to the blog. For without you – there’s no need for us.

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